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Wireless Headphones + Rechargeable Batteries

  kwil2 02:10 26 Jan 2010

Just over a year ago I bought a pair of Tevion wireless headphones from Aldi. They've proved an excellent buy.
I use them solely for late-night TV watching. They came with four AAA batteries with a capacity of 500mAh.
Being NiMH, they don't need discharging before any new recharge.
The unit uses two batteries at a time, so I always have two spare.
They can be charged in excess of 1000 times and there's no way I've come close to that.
However, of late, all four are draining very much more quickly than before, despite no increase in use.
Because of this, I bought a pack of NiMH's from Maplins with a capacity of 1000mAh.
However, despite being fully charged (I have a battery tester etc just to be sure) they're lasting barely half an hour!
Even standard AAA's last considerably longer than that!
I tested them in other devices and they performed very well, so I can't understand why they do so badly with the Tevion.
Nowhere in the instruction booklet does it say the headphones can't be paired with a higher capacity battery.
Besides, even if the original batteries are on the way out, getting 500mAh replacements seems not on. Maplins' latest are 2000mAh and the only way is up!
So, I'm stumped.
Can anyone shed any light on this problem?

  kwil2 15:49 26 Jan 2010

Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Jack: it's news to me that you have to 'tamper' with a battery's casing to have it work!
Again, no mention of this in the instruction booklet - and since the batteries have performed perfectly up till recently, it's unlikely to be a factor.
You mention you replaced the originals - but not if you'd done so with the same or higher capacity ones (I'm asssuming 'rechargeable' ones?)
Did the Lidl headphones come with 500 or above and did you replace with the same or higher capacity? I'd be interested in knowing.
Wilham: the charging device (also an excellent buy from Aldi)I've had for a few months and it charges perfectly (LED's control from 'red' to 'green' and don't allow 'over-charge') So I doubt if it's the charger.
Besides, I've two different battery testers and they show exactly the same level of full charge when a my Aldi (and other)batteries are checked after full recharge. So, the charger itself seems to be doing its job.
The main point remains: why aren't the higher capacity Maplin ones working in the Aldi unit?
Any other ideas?

  kwil2 04:55 30 Jan 2010

Hi Jack...thanks again for your time.
To clarify: the headphones came with a recharging unit within the main rest/receiver pod.
This also allows recharge and shows a green light when recharging.
I rarely use it, since it merely trickle charges.
Consequently, I use the separate charging unit as stated.
You say you're using Energiser AAA's. I take it these aren't rechargeable?
Looks like the hunt for a reason goes on, then...grrr!
Tried raising the issue with Maplins but may as well have talked to my couch!

  kwil2 04:58 30 Jan 2010

Jack...meant to say 'are rechargeable' re: Energisers.
Like I said, can seem to see any rechargeables less than '1000mAH' capacity.
I take it you got the Energiser 850's somewhere obvious?

  hssutton 09:37 30 Jan 2010

Your headphones will take the power they require, not what the batteries are capable of delivering. Get some decent high powered batteries. I use my old 1800 Mha camera batteries in my headphones (probably the same ones as you, as I bought mine at Aldi) as I now use 2500Mah for my camera equipment.

  T0SH 18:32 31 Jan 2010

if you take the mahr rating of the rechargable cell and divide it by the ma rating of the charging device you get the number of hours it will take to charge it fully, if the first cells were 500 mahr and the new ones 1000 mahr they will last approximately twice as long in use before they need charging for twice as long

Cheers HC

  kwil2 01:43 01 Feb 2010

Thanks again to all....
hcsutton: 'high-powered'?...I thought that's what my Maplins 1000mAh were...and, like I said...useless.
Tosh: once again, I did buy the Maplins ones with that 'twice as long' thought in mind...again, no deal.
Not too confident of 'upping' the capacity just to find out...
Seems to me if 1000 won't work, then with the exception of normal batteries, neither will anything larger.
Thanks anyway...

  james55 22:49 23 Mar 2010

Have a look at the negative end of the battery compartment of your headphones and if they are contacts on either side in addition to the usual spring contact then you will have to peel back the battery so it can make contact with them. Your original batteries will have no cover over that area. This has to be done with Philips Headphones if not using their batteries.


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