Wireless Headphones for Panasonic TV

  Sapins 19:13 14 Nov 2008

I would like to buy some wireless headphones to use with the TV. My hearing has suddenly deteriorated and I have to have the TV too loud for my wife to bear.

Can I control the volume completely with the headphones, for example, if my wife has the TV volume to her liking can I increase the volume on the headphones without affecting the setting for her? or does using the headphones cut the external volume of the TV? As you can guess I have never used these before and I know nothing about them.

Any help gratefully received, just watching the picture is not the same, mind you its a bonus with some programmes!

  laurie53 19:55 14 Nov 2008

I have two Panasonic TVs and on both of them you can, unusually, use both headphones and normal audio at the same time, i.e. connecting headphones does not mute the internal speakers.

If you have a set of earphones try it.

If you have this system then headphone volume is normally set independently, but only via the sound menu, not via the remote.

Your best bet is to get a set of headphones with an in-line volume control (Argos etc)

The alternative is to connect the tv's audio output, normally red/white plugs on the rear of the set, to a headphone amplifier.

Hope this is not too confusing; come back to me if you need clarification.

  Sapins 20:03 14 Nov 2008

Hi, Just what I need, I'll follow your advice and let you know how I get on, many thanks,



  DieSse 00:02 15 Nov 2008

I have a set of Sony Wireless headphones. Very comfortable, volume control on the headset, really excellent sound, long range (listing to them now in the office whilst typing.) so you can (say) listen to radio via satellite in the garden, aerial built into headset band (so no awkward sticky-up or dangly-down antenna.

Most use rechargeable batteries. Get extra batteries and a good recharger - then you always have charged batteries available ready to go.

Don't buy a cheap set, you'll soon get fed up with them.

  Sapins 09:52 15 Nov 2008

I have to see the doctor on Thursday, I am just getting the information at the moment. I have found this one on Amazon, Panasonic RP-WF930EB-S, but they don't deliver this item to France. Any thoughts on its suitability?

  DieSse 11:53 15 Nov 2008

I've actually got Sony MDF RF820R headphones - so I can only talk about them.

They look similar to your suggested Panasonic ones, with a similar spec.

However on this Amazon page (which I was led to from the Amazon page for the Panasonic ones, I saw these Sennheiser ones. Personally I would get the Sennheiser ones - they have been in headphones for ever (just about!) so IMO I would rely on them sight unseen rather than others.

Can't you go to the local retailer and see what they've got similar - I did that in Spain. You'll get a local warranty too - normally much better and easier.

Even with a charging stand I found it easier and better to get extra batteries and a recharger - otherwise you're stuck if the batteries fail during "Strictly" ;-))

  DieSse 14:53 15 Nov 2008

Sorry forgot to put in the link to the Sennheiser ones

click here

  Sapins 19:39 15 Nov 2008

Going to a local retailer is my next step, probably tomorrow, problem is there isn't a lot of choice without going to Bordeaux or maybe Paris, my wife might like that, take her mind off the price;-)

I'm stuck as it is with "strictly" and all other programmes, the football is OK as my wife leaves the room so I turn the sound up.

Also A friend is going to the UK in a couple of weeks, I may be able to get them delivered there so he can bring them back for me.

A few things to do this coming week, but, I will post back and let you all know how I get on, Many thanks to you both,



  DieSse 20:16 15 Nov 2008

Reading through the Sennheiser reviews - looks like shelling out the extra for the 130 model may be worth it.

Buy at Amazon France?

click here

  jack 17:25 17 Nov 2008

click here

A bit protracted but some clear ideas can be sorted out.,Other Half and I had divergent hearing problems and buying two sets[of the same make] and using one transmitter station solved our problem
We each had it our way.

  Jim Thing 16:49 18 Nov 2008

Just to back up what others have written:

I live in an apartment and prefer not to risk neighbour-relations problems by cranking up the volume. I use Sennheiser TR130 wireless headphones and they're excellent. Volume control is on the headset and battery duration between charges is at least two hours (I've never yet run them flat so can't say what their max. might be). They cost me about eighty quid and I consider it money well spent.

Hope this helps a bit.

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