Wired to Wireless..

  BaboonBoy22 15:37 31 Jan 2006

Does anyone know IF and where you can buy a wired to wireless converter, ie for converting a usb keyboard to IR?
I haven't found any, so I'm guessing they don't exist.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  amonra 16:19 31 Jan 2006

Hardly worth buying a converter (if they exist) when wireless keyboards are so cheap.

  BaboonBoy22 17:00 31 Jan 2006

True but I've found this keyboard that I really like and it's wired. Hence the reason why I would like a converter.

  [email protected] 21:27 04 Feb 2006

By the time you connect the convertor to the end of the long keyboard wire anyway, there'll be little point in the wireless part (unless you plan to use the keyboard from far away).

  Forum Editor 23:51 04 Feb 2006

wireless keyboards are pretty cheap, and even if you could convert your keyboard - which I doubt - the cost would probably be more than buying a wireless keyboard in the first place.

  oomwrtu 17:00 30 Mar 2006

I understand that wireless keyboards are cheap, but I have a different need that requires a USB male-to-male wireless adapter of some kind. I have a Philips stereo system that has something called USB PC Link which allows my computers sound to be played on it. The cable is semi-long, but the point of a laptop is mobility... :-D . Does anyone have any ideas (I have searched high and low on Google and haven't found anything)?

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