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  Quickbeam 10:44 24 Oct 2009

I'm looking to replace my phone & PDA with one unit, and as I use Windows Mobile 5 on my Mio PDA a lot, I want the phone to use that platform as well.

I know it's not out yet, but there are some phones on WM6.1 that are said to be upgradable to WM7 when it's available.

What I can't find out, is if this Samsung click here Omnia 2 will be multi touch screen like an iphone, with the upgrade to WM7 which will have compatibility for multi touch, or will I be best waiting until WM7 is supplied from the factory?

  crazyc1 08:55 26 Oct 2009

Really, to guarantee WM7 you would need to wait.

I would ask you two questions.
1. Do you fall into the camp that requires a physical keyboard? (I do)
2. Do you object to flashing a new ROM on your phone? (Potentially voiding warranty but you can revert so it has never been an issue for me, and I have never bricked my phone despite years of flashing new ROMs)

With Windows mobile phones, there are so many resources over at XDA developers (although this is for HTC made phones).

Do you intend to buy outright or get it on a contract?.

I have a Touch Pro 2 on Vodafone - it came with 6.1 and they have just issued the upgrade to 6.5. Having said that I have been running 6.5 for months (from the aforementioend source).

The latest and greatest to look for is the HTC Leo, which will come out as the HTC HD2. Should be out this month or next. Bit too big for me and no keyboard, but is the next step up in performance, and I would have thought that WM7 will be available for it even if not officially.

With the way things go, I would not expect to see WM7 on phones officially for over a year, by then there will be a lot of new phones out with quite a step up in performance.

I love my TP2, and am using it with SPB Mobile Shell3.0. Key other programs that I use are PhoneAlarm and TomTom.

  Quickbeam 16:35 26 Oct 2009

Thanks for that, it sound like I'm better waiting for what I want, I'm in no great hurry.

  crazyc1 10:21 27 Oct 2009

I have a mate who still uses one of the original XDA's - I think he may even be pre wimdows mobile 5 ! But it does what he wants, and as with windows generally, you get more bells and whistles, and no great speed increase (in general responsiveness)(if any).

I like the bells and whistles, and being able to customize it. The finger scrolling through my email is so much better in 6.5, when I put the phone to my ear it blanks the screen and then brings it back up quickly when I move it away and need the screen. If I put the phone face down on the table during a call it activates the conference speaker, and then reverts when it is picked up. I use photo contacts to dial, and MS voice command in the car with my handsfree.

Windows 6.5 has come a long way since the days of small menus that you need a stylus for.

The problem with waiting is that by the time windows 7 comes out, the next thing will be on the horizon....

But I am a geek and as I said, my mate is perfectly happy with his phone despite its age. So I guess it depends on what you use it for. (I also use the wifi, and HSDPA net access on mine), and I can use the TV out to show either videos of powerpoints through a TV/Projector).
Sorry cannot help myself - I think you are probably best doing as you said. (But I am always willing to share experiences re WM phones when you do upgrade!)

  Quickbeam 11:03 27 Oct 2009

"The problem with waiting is that by the time windows 7 comes out, the next thing will be on the horizon...."
I particularly want the multi touch function to zoom maps in and out with a thumb and forefinger movement like an iphone. If the WM6.6 phones can do that with a WM7 upgrade I'll buy one now, if not, I'll wait.

  Quickbeam 11:05 27 Oct 2009

...I'm tempted to get an ebook reader to make up for the wait:)

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