Will a Sky HD box come with an HDMI cable

  Migwell 18:36 29 Mar 2011

HD Sky box being delivered and fitted on Friday. I windered if it comes with a HDMI cable in the box, or do I need to buy one before the man comes so he can set it up correctly.

Also if I use my old Sky+ box on free to air will I still be able to record the avable programs I I have been doing up till now?

  Terry Brown 20:41 29 Mar 2011

They may take the old box back with them as you have a new 'replacement' box.


  Tim1964 00:14 30 Mar 2011

They won't take the old box as it is yours, not loaned.

HDMI cables can be had from Poundland for (wait for it) a £1

If you want to record/pause/rewind on the old box you will need to pay Sky £10/month or have at least one channel package (£19)......

...............but saying that, the 2nd box we have upstairs has not been multiroom for at least 6 months and we can still record on it. Guessing it must have missed the "kill signal" when we stopped the multiroom sub.

  Migwell 00:29 30 Mar 2011

Tim 1964

I have always said to those who ring up and say "If your Sky Box goes wrong it will cost you to repair it unless you take out insurance"

I pay Sky each month for the box, and if it goes wrong they will fix it at no cost to me. Or they will be told NO MORE SKY

  morddwyd 09:12 30 Mar 2011

"I pay Sky each month for the box,"

You pay them for the programmes, not the box.

If you stop paying your programmes will stop, but they won't come and repossess the box.

  bremner 17:21 30 Mar 2011

As others have said the box is yours. It has a standard one year warranty with Sky. Near the end of the year they will offer an extended warranty. You may also get third party companies pestering you to buy an extended warranty.

  Migwell 23:59 31 Mar 2011

Repeat: No need to take out extre warentee for sky boxes.

A friend of mine had trouble with his box and told Sky "no repair, no Sky, so Sky repaired it Free of Charge. He had told them that after being with them for over 10 years and never having had anything form them,he would discontinue his account with them. That was not a thret but a promis. They will do all sorts of things to keepyou paying

  donki 13:02 01 Apr 2011

Same thing with ours at home, sky box broke after about 2 years. I called up sky they said its out of warranty and there was nothign they could do. I said thats fine and I wanted to be put through to the cancelations team and within 5 minutes I was told that I would have a new box delivered within 5 working days and also got 6 months half price sky, I was in no way cheeky or rude or asked for anything from their staff it was all offered.

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