Will Photoshop 7 work with Windows 7

  Border View 18:57 19 Nov 2013

I have Adobe Photoshop 7 on my aging laptop which runs with XP. I have a desktop which runs with Windows 7.

Before I try loading this software onto my desktop I thought it best to ask here if it would work with windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

Thank you.

  Border View 22:44 19 Nov 2013

Thanks for that Lazarus the 2nd. My hard drive is only 500GB with 8GB RAM. Think I shall give it a go.

Thank you for responding.

  Border View 22:52 19 Nov 2013

There again, having googled the same question got lots of answers. Don't think I shall bother.

  hssutton 10:03 26 Nov 2013

Why bother with PS7 when you can download Photoshop CS2 for free. Obviously more ram would be beneficial, but it will work OK with your present 8GB

Photoshop CS2

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