Will a non-Sky+ hard drive recorder record Sky?

  Pineman100 18:10 22 Oct 2008

I want to get a hard drive TV recorder. I currently have a Sky subscription, but I may cancel it in the future, so I'd prefer to get a "free market" recorder, rather than a Sky+ box.

But will a different make of recorder record programmes from a Sky digibox?

Thanks for any advice

  bionicle 19:39 22 Oct 2008

Yes. I have recorded from a sky digibox to a LG hard disc DVD recorder. Now use Sky+ but just as I could before I can still record to LG DVD recorder if I want.

  Pineman100 09:35 23 Oct 2008

So would it simply be a matter of taking the signal cable out of my Sky box, into the hard-drive recorder and then into the TV?

The cable from Sky box to HDD recorder is presumably the usual coaxial job. From the HDD recorder to the TV - a SCART?

Thanks again for your advice.

  anchor 10:23 23 Oct 2008

I regularly record from my Sky digibox to my Panasonic HDD recorder. I feel sure the same would apply to other makes.

A scart cable is connected from one of the 2 sockets on the Sky box to an AV input on the Panasonic. (Check if it is AV1 or AV2 by looking at the picture on the TV; remember which it is for future reference).

You can record form Sky live, or use the timer on the recorder; (don`t forget to turn the Sky box on to the correct channel).

The second socket on the Sky box is connected to a scart socket on the TV. The HDD recorder is also connected to another socket on the TV by scart.

  Pineman100 17:44 23 Oct 2008

That seems pretty straightforward.

I presume that the one function allowed by a Sky+ box that you can't implement with your system is recording one Sky programme while you watch another. Is that right?

  anchor 16:30 29 Oct 2008

Pineman100: Yes you are correct. The basic sky digibox can only receive one channel at a time.

However, that rarely is a big problem as often Sky repeat their programmes at another time.

  Pineman100 18:37 29 Oct 2008

I know what you say about repeats is true, but the only programmes that they don't seem to repeat are the ones that I want to watch! :o(

  DieSse 09:06 02 Nov 2008

If you get a "free-to-air" box, such as the M-Vison S4 (about £60), this gives you :-

A second tuner - ie you can watch one program and record another off your current sky box.

A usb connector that will take a standard memory stick, that can record about 1hour per Gigabyte. This will play back on your TV, or you can also play it on your PC.

It will pick up all unencrypted Sky and Freesat programmes

It searches for all available programmes - which will give you more than just a standard Sky or Freesat box (inc. all the regional variations)

It has it's own in-built program guide.

To r7un two tuners you would need a twin (or a quad) LNB, and a second cable from the dish.

click here

  DieSse 09:10 02 Nov 2008

Sorry - should read -

A second tuner - ie you can watch one program and record another off the Mvision box.

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