Will head phones do the job?

  thospot 09:14 19 Dec 2006

Could someone please tell me if I have done the right thing or not?..
I have bought my wife a set of wireless headphones thinking that she can use these to listen to the television without the sound of the tele being on. I bought what I thought would be a good set by paying over &100 for them but having thought about this since ordering them I am not so sure whether it all quite works like that...
Thank you..

  jack 09:29 19 Dec 2006

This rather depends on the spec of the TV.

Generally speaking plugging in Headphones[wireless or normal] isolated the speaker[s] so that the phone wearer gets the sound and no one else does.

A friend who has a hearing problem discovered a TV set in ASDA[A Schneider] has two headphone sockets.
Plugging phones into one did not isolate the speakers. This meant that he of hard of hearing could set his own volume level whilst those in the room with him could watch with sound set to a normal level.

  thospot 09:40 19 Dec 2006

Thanks for your reply. Very quick.
I have only just bought my TV.. It is a 42" Pioneer but I shall have to get the spec's out to find out what it is all about.
I didn't realize that a wireless set of headphones would have to be plugged into the tele.. Is it the transmitter that is plugged in?..

  thospot 11:11 19 Dec 2006

The postman has just been and delivered the headphones and I am disapointed... The box had obviously been opened and then taped down again. Empty plastic bags lying at the bottom of the box denoting something missing which there was..

I have already emailed the supplier and will await their instructions...

I have at least seen how these things operate now and could have saved the effort of this post if I had waited a while longer.

  jack 17:13 19 Dec 2006

The set should consist of a transmitter device
possibly battery powered or mains through a 'power brick' which will sit on or near the TV with a cord plugged into the headphone socket.
The phones when not in use may plug into this transmitter device power out to charge the internal battery of the phones/receiver.
They may also need tuning - but models vary.
.Sorry the box was empty it seems someone is looking for a cheap Christmas at your/the traders expense.

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