Wifi signal overlap with multiple access points

  ColBla 21:20 18 Jan 2017

Hi everyone. In addition to my router I use Devolo DLAN Powerline adaptors to create wi-fi hotspots throughout the house. The coverage areas of the Devolo wifi units overlap with that of the router. What I find is that mobile devices (chiefly Android phones and iPads) tend to "hang on" to one of the signals even when moved into a room with a stronger signal, so I get the ridiculous situation of having poor wi-fi whilst actually in a room with a transmitter. I can fix this manually by switching briefly to airplane mode, after that the device will latch onto the strongest nearby signal. But what I really want is for each device to automatically switch to the strongest signal without needing manual intervention. Any ideas about how to do that gratefully received, thanks.

  Burn-it 15:27 20 Jan 2017

You might get away with forcing a low lease time, but that may well interfere with any transfer in progress.

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