WiFi on nHTC TyTN2 4550

  bemuzed 12:03 17 Nov 2007

I have got one of these devices. I works fine on 3G, connecting when it needs to. I have loads of problems with WiFi where it connects to my Homehub. I says it has connected ot the Hub, and I can see the IP address, and interrogate teh hub so no it can see the PDA. However, with WiFi when uyse Interent Explorer and click on the URL it says Locating then eventually says page cannot be found. I played around and found that moving the slides on Power Mode from Best Battery to Best Performance setting helps it to work with the internet. Any ideas?

  Tempest1 19:59 19 Nov 2007

I have the Tytn 2 also and have no problems running wifi on it. That is on the home network using a Netgear router on cable. A good source, Sorry for giving another site, is XDA-Developers.com. Basically what these guyds don't know isn't worht considering.Hope it helps

  bemuzed 20:42 20 Nov 2007

thanks. looks useful

  tlpierce 09:43 06 Dec 2007

Hi there. I got a Tytn2 on orange about a month ago and have been suffering the same problem as above. Orange have been less than useless as they know nothing about the phone and only help with their own internet!!
I have tried the power slide but that makes no difference and i have tried different internet settings with no success.
I am seriously consdering throwing the phone back at them as I need it for business and have had to resort to carrying my old PDA around as well!! (Ive had no problems on that, even tho i had to install an sd wifi card!!)
If anyone knows of a solution to this problem please let me know!
Would it help to wipe orange firmware off and can I install original software?

Many thanks


  The Regster 13:33 06 Dec 2007

Can only offer a small piece of advice. If you use the WM6 Connection Manager to switch the phone off, the wi-fi connection seems to go more smoothly, but I'm still fed up of watching 'Locating...' much of the time. You also have to remember to switch the phone back on when you're done, so hardly a workable solution in the long term.

Orange are really poor - I rang up every day in the first week trying to get someone at Orange to acknowledge that there might be a fault with the phone / os.

They take no responsibility for anything other than the 3g / GSM connection. Instead, they palm you off to HTC (on 0870 whatever @ too many p per minute). HTC then suggest a reset but can't help beyond that because Orange have customised the settings.

I too am considering returning to Orange as not fit for purpose. However, how you prove this to them when, at the mention of the 'wi-fi' word, they opt out of responsibility and send you back to HTC, is a ctach 22 style impossibility.

Anyone not on Orange have a similar problem?

  tommm 01:55 22 Dec 2007

I have had all of the t-mobile varios. From vario no number to vario 3. I hav'nt been ale to connect to my wireless network with any of them. Im not paticularly bothered now as the 3g/hsdpa connection is so good it makes wireless connection redundant.
I tried t-mobile for support but they merely stated "THEY ONLY SUPPORTED WI-FI IF CONNECTING THROUGH STARBUCK". Very helpful. ( Just like this post really).

  bemuzed 16:52 22 Dec 2007

since leaving Power Mode on Best Performance I've been able to connect to WiFi fine.

  delirious 15:06 17 Apr 2008

Hi there, I have just got my HTC TytnII from 3. I keep you guys posted on wifi

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