Why Won't My DVD Recorder Record Freeview Channels

  limo888 13:05 30 Jan 2012


I have a Seal Prestige - DV102731 which I have recently bought, I want to record something off of a Freeview channel. How do I do this?

Every-time I tune the DVD recorder it cannot find any channels, is there any way I can record freeview channels onto DVD?

Thanks In Advance

  mole44 14:39 30 Jan 2012

probably it's only got a analogue tuner,so you'll have to either get one with a digital tuner or get a PVR (personal video recorder) i.e. the typr that use a hard drive to record onto.

  natdoor 21:29 30 Jan 2012

You should be able to record a video input via Scart, for example. If you have a STB you could get an output from there. This should enable recordings to be scheduled by programming the STB and DVD recorder. If you have Freeview built into your TV there might be a Scart on the TV which will output video of the programme being viewed, which will enable that to be recorded.

  ton 22:03 30 Jan 2012

I believe that this recorder is analogue only, in which case I think your easiest option would be to get a Freeview box.

  dms_05 09:07 01 Feb 2012

As everyone says you need a Freeview STB which can cost under £20 at ASDA etc. Connect it to your recorder with a SCART lead and feed the incoming aerial lead to the Freeview box first. Then chose the correct input for the DVD recorder (possibly AV1 or AV2). You could use an antenna splitter feed the TV and Freeview box or maybe you can loop the coax through the Freeview box then onto the TV.

I'm afraid the recorder you bought was essentially obsolete when you purchased it, a lot of old stock of analogue only recorders are still in lesser known outlets.

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