why perfectly readable discs burnt on one system dont read 100% on another?

  theDarkness 15:48 27 Sep 2008

I am using ashampoo and have tried different brands of discs. The laptop the discs were burnt on can read and copy them 100%, but my other xp desktop system will give redundancy errors on the very same discs.. why is this? Surely all drives burn discs in the same way- or is it something to do with strength in the laser when burning or reading that makes different drives have problems with reading discs burnt on another system/drive? thanks for any info :)

  jack 17:32 27 Sep 2008

perfectly on the host but with errors on the 'guest' system.

Now it has been said so many times before that for disks to play on other equipment they have to be finalized.
But this is the same Operating system- but different drive firmware

It is I suspect what might be called a 'Semi-Final'

How does that sound?

  ICF 08:25 28 Sep 2008

Update your PC's DVD drives firmware

  DieSse 23:31 28 Sep 2008

One of the drives may be out of tolerance - so can read it's own disks, but have problems with those from another drive.

There may be short term speed variations which produce different amounts of jitter in the signals, for instance.

All types of drive with interchangeable media can suffer from incompatibilities due to manufacturing tolerances being out of spec, and due to wear.

Try at lower speeds - CDs can flutter at high speeds on poorly balanced drive mechanisms, and in general high speeds magnify tolerance variations.

  jack 11:43 29 Sep 2008

'I have generally found that data discs can be read on other PCs '

This is true for DATA disks[Though not always RW's which can be even more piccy]

But I think you will find that Finalizing applies to Video and perhaps Audio- where it is going to be played on NON PC equipment [Yer bog standard Set top box/Audio system.
I concur with DieSse is is all other rsepects

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