Why is my iPhone x getting slow

  Aunssery 10:11 09 May 2019

Got a used iphone X (64GB),i could feel it slowing down,i didn't install too many apps or softwares.it's only been working for three months since I got it,i've cleaned it up twice (deleted some useless app and factory reset) But it didn't work out so well.

  alanrwood 10:42 09 May 2019

Apple have said that they slow down older phones to extend battery life. Maybe this your problem, Do a search for more info on this.

  BRYNIT 16:50 09 May 2019

Don't have an iPhone but have a read of CLICK HER

  BRYNIT 16:52 09 May 2019

Also have a read of CLICK HERE

  Aunssery 08:44 13 May 2019

Thank you guys very much,i searched Google and it told me i should clean my phone, but it wasn't ideal,no other suggestions?

  Ayisser 04:49 16 May 2019

This is usually due to a lack of storage,just factory reset the iPhone to free up space isn't enough.My phone is also 64GB, I deliberately do not save any movies or video on iPhone,because I know they can easily take up a lot of space.As well as i also clean iPhone regularly with this program,as 64GB is not comparable to a 128GB or 256GB iPhone.

  Catti 15:17 28 May 2019

I have had this previously, then from an extensive google search I found out that maybe my device could've been hacked..

So maybe try that, I found a company called Certo Software they maybe able to help you

  stevencheung 08:11 29 May 2019

Hello, I have also a iphoneX.same problem with me then i reset the phone and delete all data.some days before Apple have said that they slow down older phones to extend battery life.i think that you just factory reset the iPhone to free up space isn't enough. Thank you

  oftmarshall678 13:24 29 May 2019

Fastest way is to do a factory reset. Shouldn't be much of a problem, just do a regular back up of your files in case you encounter it again. Is it possible that this is a memory problem? Free up your phone of photos or docs by storing them elsewhere.

  Haddince 14:57 03 Jul 2019

Did you check battery health and if it is supporting normal peak performance? This can be seen under settings and then battery.

  Victoria223 10:51 23 Aug 2019

Even though I clean my computer regularly, I still occasionally run into problems with slow performance.

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