Marko797 11:50 31 Oct 2007

I have Pioneer 42 Plasma, plus Pioneer 360 Home Cinema set up. Currently I'm connected via SCARTs, but could use the available HDMI facility on the TV if I had a lead. Currently, when I watch DVDs, the sound is terrific with the set-up I have.

However, when I watch a film on TV, I don't get the surround/cinema sound. Is this bcos my connections are wrongly set up, or is it bcos the film is not transmitted in surround/cinema sound?

Q1. What are the advantages, if any, of ditching SCART for HDMI connection?

Q2. Would I get surround sound on TV transmissions if I used HDMI?

Grateful for any advice on this.

  Stuartli 16:31 31 Oct 2007

HDMI offers support for both TV and PC video formats plus up to eight channels of digital audio.

The best way to find out is to try it for yourself and compare the differences with Scart leads - I know which I would probably prefer...:-)

  Stuartli 16:32 31 Oct 2007

Have a look at:

click here

  Paulius55 19:55 31 Oct 2007

The answer to your question is that TV is not transmitted in 5.1 surround. The best you can get is to switch your decoder to Dolby Pro Logic which will extract some surround information that is embedded in the NICAM stereo.

  Stuartli 20:00 31 Oct 2007

Some TV programmes (usually from ITV) are transmitted in Dolby surround sound - it's usually posted in the opening sequences.

By the way, it's 17 years now since the BBC first launched/used Nicam stereo sound in its TV broadcasts...:-)

  Marko797 10:22 01 Nov 2007

Stuartli, are u saying that I should be able to get surround on TV progs that are transmitted in surround? I don't think I am at the moment. Is this bcos of my SCART set up, or bcos I don't have the HDMI? I'm only getting surround when watching a DVD.

  Stuartli 14:03 01 Nov 2007

As far as I'm aware, Scart leads cannot relay surround sound - the key point about HDMI is that it covers full digital video and multi-channel digital sound inputs/outputs for a variety of devices.

  Marko797 16:12 01 Nov 2007

Now I'm a bit confused...I already get surround via the DVD/Cinema system with my SCARTs.

  Peter J 16:58 01 Nov 2007

I got a panasonic home theatre system, and i use scart connection to get surround sound off tv, and hdmi for dvd's.. it seems to work just fine

  Marko797 17:04 01 Nov 2007

I must have my set-up wrong then. As mentioned, I don't get surround (thru my 5 speakers) when watching TV progs, but of course I do when watching DVDs as these go directly thru the cinema sound system.

  Peter J 17:17 01 Nov 2007

i am not familiar with the pioneer system, but i guess the functionality is similar to panasonic. when i first set up, i had to tweak by enabling dolby prologic and by turnin on the 'enhanced surround sound' function. there may be something similar in pioneer settings.. you have probably memorised the instruction book by now ;)

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