Why do you think that iPlayer is buffering

  wee eddie 19:56 01 May 2018

When, at the same time, but in another Tab, uSwitch says that I am getting 48+Mbps

  wee eddie 21:38 01 May 2018

It got over it but, I still cannot understand why

  Forum Editor 22:59 01 May 2018

The buffering may be related to the server-side load. Too many people contending for the bandwidth available. Over the years, the BBC has experienced a good deal of bandwidth issues - it's the price of success.

Streaming a 1 hour HD programme onto a PC uses around 1.2GB of data. Multiply that by a couple of hundred thousand and you get an idea of the huge bandwidth consumption. At peak streaming times (evenings and weekends) there can be some buffering issues - everything freezes until the downstream catches up.

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