Why do people pay a fortune

  cream. 10:10 12 Nov 2007

for a mobile phone.

All you want is to do is make the call or maybe a the odd text.

Mine cost £19.99 from asda and does the job.

Do you need more than that in a mobile?

  Legolas 10:35 12 Nov 2007

It depends what age you are, if you are more advanced in years then any phone will do, if you are young and trendy then only the latest all singing all dancing mobile will suffice. This isnt to suggest of course that you are not young and trendy ;)

  Huffster 10:38 12 Nov 2007

Couldn't agree more. Although I'm sure I count as young and trendy, I use my phone only for calls and SMS. So I really don't need to spend a fortune on a phone. The internet doesn't really work on mobile phones, and I have a separate digital music player/GPS.

  wee eddie 11:27 12 Nov 2007

Youth, even in my day, has always wanted the latest of whatever is the day's fad.

I can also state with confidence that it was the same when my mother was a teenager, in the 1920s, as we have had an almost identical conversation in the last five years.

  p;3 11:45 12 Nov 2007

sadly many now use it as a status symbol and will pay a relatively extortionate sum despite,as you say,one only really needs it to contact others

  Legolas 12:18 12 Nov 2007

Now just to destroy my first post. I am neither young or trendy but I do have a Nokia 5300 with MP3 Player, camera, radio and oh yes it makes phone calls as well. I used to carry these things separately so this phone saves me doing that.

I also agree with wee eddie the young always want the latest of whatever is going one of the reasons being that you would get a hard time from your mates if you suddenly whipped out a mobile phone the size of a house brick, or a pair of trainers only your grandad would wear.

Again having said that I have just realised my trainers are one of the latest styles by a well known trendy manufacturer.

Having just read this post I suddenly realise I must be going through my middle age crisis :)

  wee eddie 12:37 12 Nov 2007

Which Mid-life Crisis are you going through ~ 29, 39, 49 or 59.

I think that you must be terminally "Young at heart"

  Legolas 12:54 12 Nov 2007

Somewhere between the last two. This might seem strange but I am probably more fashion conscious now than when I was younger, I never really bothered then, definitely a sign of mid-life crises methinks.

  Si_L 14:09 12 Nov 2007

For me, a mobile is a device that combines all the gadgetry that I need in one device: Phone, MP3 player, camera, hand-held games console, camcorder, radio, web access, and calender/alarm.

I can justify a big price tag for this reason. Buying these things separately would cost alot more.

  wasp15 14:29 12 Nov 2007

I agree with Si_L, I like to use a high-end mobile as I do tend to find its features convenient to use - especially the internet since I don't have access at home at the moment. However, I don't pay a fortune for mobile phones, I get them free with my contract, and I only pay £13 per month for that. (Admittedly I'd pay a lot more on pay as you go and the phone wouldn't be free.) I certainly wouldn't pay £260-odd for the iPhone, no matter how good it was, but if you are getting the phone for free then why not get a decent, good-looking one, that has lots of gadgetry should you ever need it?

  Woolwell 19:15 12 Nov 2007

Legolas - you have made my day. I didn't realise that I was "young and trendy" because I have an almost all-singing mobile (actually I don't want it to sing!) The "almost all singing" bugs me as I contemplate my winter fuel allowance and wonder if I should spend it on an update rather that winter fuel.

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