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why are totals on smart meter going down

  Sue Winspear 04:49 28 Nov 2019

Had smart meter fitted in Sept. Seemed to be working ok right up till these last few days. The weekly and monthly totals now have gone down. e.g yesterday . during the day the monthly total for both gas and elec showed as £81.46 and later £82.53 but this morning it's back to £81.08 and the weekly total has also gone down from yesterdays too. This has been happening for just the last few days. The way it was working last week I reckon the monthly total should be at least £100 by now. Why is this....should I get in touch with my supplier?

  wee eddie 08:02 28 Nov 2019

Just a guess: Firstly, I don't know how it measures a Month, and this is critical.

Does it measure the previous 4 weeks (28 days, midnight to midnight), or 30 days, or 31 days, on a rolling basis. Or does it measure the 1st of the month to the 31st of the same month..

If it is measuring a Rolling Period, then your consumption is showing small variations but is fairly consistent.

  Sue Winspear 08:27 28 Nov 2019

Thank you for your reply. I have been following it closely since it was installed in Sept. so October was the first complete month. It went from the 1st to the 31st with the totals showing as updating throughout the day.....that's the daily, weekly and the month. I presumed it was programmed so it would finish totalling on the 39th November but it's been nearly a week now that it's gone mad! I do like to understand how these things work.

  Sue Winspear 08:40 28 Nov 2019

oops....just realized I put 39th Nov instead of 30th !

  wee eddie 09:53 28 Nov 2019

Somewhere in the bumph that you got with it will be a description of how it measures a month.

You are suggesting that it's the 1st to the 31st.

Did the Month's total start at Zero?

  Sue Winspear 14:11 28 Nov 2019

I only got 1 leaflet with it and it doesn't tell me anything about how it measures the month. Yes it did start at zero on the 1st. Oct went from 1st to 31st with no problems. This month was ok till about a week ago now.

  wee eddie 15:16 28 Nov 2019

Time to get out that leaflet and ring your Supplier then

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