Which storage card?

  Muergo 14:29 13 Mar 2011

Whats the difference between the SanDisk 8GB Extreme Pro 45MB/Sec SDHC Card, and the Extreme 3 SDHCcard apart fom speed, the first one seems to be targetted at movie making in still cameras, does it make it less suitable for still photos?

If my camera takes different cards, SDHC, CFlash etc, is there any difference in the quality, given the same storage capacity. Why should I use one format in preference to another apart from price, the SDHC seem to be the best all round.

  hastelloy 15:56 13 Mar 2011

I always use click here for my HD video. They are cheaper than Sandisk and have always given me excellent performance. I would use the 4 GB version for stills. Class 6 is good for video - class 4 is fine for stills.

I was told that CF lost favour because the pins tend to break. SDHC seems to have taken the lead by a long way ------ for now!!

  Muergo 16:11 13 Mar 2011

I have used several brands that were supplied with cameras but have always bought Sandisk, I am only concerned with performance, if I am shooting valuable footage? the I want the best for enlargement and Photoshop, I don't want to cut corners, with digital I can erase anything that is no good, not accumulating large quantities of negatives I used to.

The Sandisk I bought last time (Extreme II) had a recovery disc with it, but I suppose that would work for any SDHC card.

Thanks for pointing out the disadvantage of the pins on CF, the cards are more expensive as well so I'll stick to SDHC, I haven't had a camera that took more than one type of card before.

  Muergo 16:23 13 Mar 2011

I just see on their website that this card , SanDisk 8GB Extreme Pro 45MB/Sec SDHC Card was only launched in January this year and has their UHS1 technology whatever that is, but supposed to be the latest.

It's being sold for £53 by some, but discounted by over 50% on Amazon, so someone is trying for a hell of a profit.

  hastelloy 08:53 14 Mar 2011

As said, I have had great results with Integral - and also Kingston. The 1 Sandisk I bought - at 4 times the cost - caused me serious problems and I returned it for a refund.

  Muergo 10:56 14 Mar 2011

I have had all three makes of card in different units.

You disturb me about the trouble you had with Sandisk, what was it?

Before your message arrived I had just ordered the new expensive Sandisk high speed 45Mb/s through Amazon.

Your experience now bothers me and also the card being so new on the market, there are no user feedbacks yet.

  BRYNIT 20:19 14 Mar 2011

The only advantage the Extreme Pro has over the Extreme is the speed in which the information can be written to the card or from the card to your computer.

Cameras have a limitation on the speed they can take a shot and write it to the card even HD video cameras do not usually need a SDHC card faster than a class 6

Although I do have a 4GB Sandisk Extreme 111 card I recently purchased a Transcend 8GB class 10 card for £7.89 with a lifetime warranty so far I can find no difference apart from the price.

  Muergo 00:55 15 Mar 2011

I am awaiting delivery of a Canon Powershot G95 which they say will operate movies at the highest speed and so I hope that this new Sandisk will live up to expectations, the card was specifically linked to the camera but not included of course, but managed to get it from PicStop at half the £55 list price. and the camera from digigood.

Why do manufacturers put silly list prices on, surely nobody pays those pretend RRP levels.

I'm not normally so interested in movies, I have another three still cameras of various formats, but the wedding of my last child?? is soon so I shall have a string of them on my neck.

After I have shot a few hundred frames this weekend I will know.

This all came about by having my favourite Canon stolen from my car when I left it for five mins to have a pee!! so beware of bladder problems.

  hastelloy 02:50 15 Mar 2011

It was some time ago but it was a 16 GB Sandisk Extreme - cost around £100 - and the camcorder (Canon HF S10)just wouldn't write to it. The Integral Ultra - £25 - gave brilliant, problem free results.

  Muergo 11:00 15 Mar 2011

You have it in one Marvin, some time ago memory was much more expensive, the cameras I had five years ago would not take more than 2Gb card max and certainly didn't write as fast as they do now, just one year can make a big difference to all the specifications and prices, how many years ago, not many, you could not get a 1Tb hard drive, let alone for £80 or less, you would get about 160Gb for that price, I have an external Seagate which cost just that.

  hastelloy 16:31 15 Mar 2011

I was comparing a Sandisk at £100 with an Integral at £25 at the same time and I'm only talking 2 years or so ago.

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