Which setup would be the fastest for broadband?

  erkmatrix 11:14 04 Feb 2011

Hi I'm needing some advice on the best setup or if there would be any noticeable difference even.

Currently I have my main BT socket in the living room then a phone extension to the hallway then another phone extension into a room with the PC in and the router is in this room with the PC. The distance is around 15-20 metres from the main BT socket.

My other idea was my router in the living room next to BT main phone socket and I have my pc in the another room connected via a Cat5E flat ethernet cable 15m under the carpet and the PC plugged into a Netgear FS105 Prosafe 5 Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Switch. I did even think maybe one of them BT iplates to speed things up again.

Would this improve my broadband much as its not really that fast and I want to use a voip phone and a Synology DS211J nas disk station in the room with the pc. but of course with the second option they will be plugged into the switch and not the router.

Can anyone advise on the best setup they would suggest.

  john bunyan 12:26 04 Feb 2011

I have my Desktop upstairs connected to the BT line by a 10metre Telephone cable. The PC is connected by ethernet to my Belkin N+ wireless router. The router also is connected by ethernet near the PC to a Vonage "black box" broadband VOIP phone set up, and a similar 10 metre phone cable (with male/ female reversed to the first one) back down to near the BT entry. At that point I have 2 cordless answer phones one for BT and the other for Vonage. Both have 2 other cordless phone elswhere. I have tried the broadband speed by plugging the router direct into the BT test, but see little difference. It is important to have filters on all extensions. I get good wireless connection to my laptop , even through thick walls, and see little difference between it and the wired PC. I am getting about 6.5 Mbps now, (with Tiscali/ Pipex)which is better than 6 months ago when it was lucky to reach 3.

  Graham. 10:09 07 Feb 2011

Don't bother with an i plate, just pull the bell wires off.

Have you thoght of using Homeplugs? click here

Have the router plugged into the main BT socket, you will need to set it up with the PC first. Then connect one Homeplug to the router and the other to the PC.

  Graham. 11:05 07 Feb 2011

thought, even.

  erkmatrix 09:05 11 Feb 2011

Hi yeah I have heard of them plugs Graham but I think they are a little over priced at £90 for what they are as I would need also 4 ethernet connections in the PC room, it would get expensive as I'd also need an gigabit switch thats even if these plugs work with a gigabit switch.

I wouldn't know how to pull the bell wires off and wouldn't want to damage anything and the iplate is only around £6 I might as well get one.

My idea was to now still use my same router Netgear 54mbs adsl2 DG834G in the livingroom, use a flat cat6 cable under the carpet and into a Netgear 5 port gigabit switch to connect everything to.


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