Which Sat Nav?

  Covergirl 12:22 17 Jan 2008

I'd like a sat nav for the car but don't want to have to pay subscriptions every 6 or 12 months to get updates on speed/safety cameras.

Anybody know whether there is a brand name out there that fulfills this criteria?

Thank you in advance

  EdF 16:02 17 Jan 2008

I bought a Fujitsu-Siemens Loox from EBuyer last year, mainly due to the good customer reviews. It works fine 97% of the time. The problem is that the other 3% of the time it gives totally wrong directions! Every time I've used it on a long journey it's done this. When we first tested it on a 120 mile journey we knew, at a major 'T' junction in Scotland when we had to to turn right, it told us to turn left, which would have been about 60 miles out of our way! When we turned right anyway, it just carried on as normal. Buy one of these but take a map and navigator - just in case! I sent a damning review to EBuyer and guess what? It didn't appear! I think they only print good reviews or invent them. Won't be caught again..

  Covergirl 19:42 17 Jan 2008

At the risk of sounding grumpy or ungrateful, that hardly answers the question, does it?

I'm after specific information, not your own personal experiences of something going wrong. That's an issue for the comsumer forum I reckon.

Thanks for the info anyway, but I've not even seen a FS satnav in our local Halfords, Currys or Comet.

Can anyone point me towards a website where criteria like safety camera updates are detailed along with the costs?

Thanks again

  acein1 22:26 17 Jan 2008

hi i just bought a "viamichelin 970t new edition"and as far as im concerned its a "jem" with free updates for life and spot on as a camera warning device the only problem i found was trying to register the thing online ( it took a week) the help line is usless as nobody (that i spoke to ) could be understood , so bottom line, the product is excelant if you can manage to register it ,which you do need to do to get the updates ,hope this helps

  Ashrich 21:56 22 Jan 2008

As far as I know , all the speed camera updates are usually paid for , no matter who you get them from . Have a look at Pocket GPS World click here . As far as getting a really good and reliable ( and accurate ) Sat Nav , I have recently upgraded to a TomTom 520 , and it is excellent , and has plenty to play with as well , like the spoken directions gaining in volume as the noise in the car increases , automatically switching between night and day colours , and the ability to stream music stored on a SD card from the unit to your in car stereo and muting it when it gives you a new direction as well as the facility of being a bluetooth speaker and microphone for your mobile .


  AndrewCD 12:04 23 Jan 2008

I am considering getting a satnav for the first time. I also am ready to change my mobile phone. So I am considering the Nokia 6110 navigator. A 3g mobile phone with satnav, using Route 66's software and Navteq's mapping in conjunction with the built-in GPS antenna.. Also has FM radio, mp3 player and 2mp camera, and you can get it free on an O2 contract through click here. Having your satnav combined with your mobile means that you do not leave the satnav in the car to be stolen or have to carry an extra bulky device around with you. I am also impressed with the Nokia 6110 because it was used by Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman on their 'Long way down' motorcycle trip from John O'Groats in Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa. Check it out on click here and click here

  AlexPB 10:11 24 Jan 2008


I bought the new garmin flat screen sat nav unit from halfords. It is an amazing piece of kit for the moneyt that it costs. it has speed camera updates free on the garmin website and also the road map updates free.

Any questions or queries that you may have halfords are more than happy to help you and they also update it for you if your stuck.

  Covergirl 12:27 25 Jan 2008

Just been on Halfords (but a few links are broken or they're having problems) and the only ones I can get to (3 so far) are subscription based updates, so which model you got AlexPB ?

£19.99 per year isn't as expensive as some of the others though . . . .

  Covergirl 12:34 25 Jan 2008

Ashrich - sounds a good set of facilities on that TomTom 520. Everyone I know tells me to go for a TomTom so probably will, but don't need bluetooth or music so might get a cheaper model with just the basics. Probably the TomTom 1 XL GB.

  Ashrich 19:06 25 Jan 2008

Whichever TomTom you get you won't be disappointed , the TT1 v2 together with the 520 got Which? best buy awards , and they are hard to come by , as they test things to the max before handing awards out .


  Covergirl 12:19 28 Jan 2008

Got myself a Garmin Nuvi 200w and very pleased with it. Nice sleek design (bit like an iphone only slightly larger). Response time excellent, recalculations nearly instant. Detailed UK maps and major european roads right through to Moscow at least! It hasn't taken me through a ford yet . . . £29.99 for a years safety camera updates but a free 30 day trial available which I will go for before the easter hols. Only thing is there is no usb data cable included but I've probably got something that will fit.
Thanks all.

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