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which phone should i buy iphone 6s or android

  skasegamw 21:02 17 Oct 2015

hello i want to buy a flagship but i dont know if iphone 6s worth the money instead of an android flagship...i just want to buy a really good phone with no lag and bugs in apps and to keep it for 3 years at least

  mole1944 05:59 18 Oct 2015

Never mind all the who ha about latest phone ,most people forget to look at the following.Self replaceable battery (They only last so long),Extra memory slot (Obvious but again oft forgot),Internal memory (More the merrier) .I have a galaxy S3 works fine for me,if you want to be up in front with the latest phone it's going to cost.However be two steps behind the leaders much cheaper and any bugs should be ironed out.

  Souvik_Ghosh 17:18 23 Nov 2015

You should go with S6 edge or note 5. But if want 3D effect on your phone then go with 6S. 3D touch is really awesome. And I also agree with mole1944.

  Strawballs 19:06 04 Dec 2015

I've just got a Galaxy S4 Neo on Virgin a lot cheaper than the St and still has more functions than I will use!

  Strawballs 19:08 04 Dec 2015

Sorry couldn't find edit on my tab. Make that S5 neo.

  jennyrob 06:24 25 Dec 2015

Definitely iPhone 6S. I have an iPhone 5S. It works very well with no lags and rarely did I come across apps bugs.

  anwarabir 12:40 10 Feb 2016

Wait few days and see what samsung Galaxy S7 offer you. In Android VS iOS i am with iOS.

  exdragon 16:45 17 Feb 2016

mole1944 - I have a galaxy S3 works fine for me,if you want to be up in front with the latest phone it's going to cost

Hmm, I've been thinking about upgrading but truth to tell, my S3 is where can I now spend the money which I've saved by not upgrading??

  Forum Editor 16:53 17 Feb 2016

This is really a personal choice - either you want an iPhone, or you want an Android phone.

I have used both, and my preference is Android, I'm currently using a Galaxy S6. That isn't to say that iPhones aren't superb - they are - but for me Android has the edge.

  FameRuiz 04:50 25 Feb 2016

Personally, I do have both an iPhone and an Android. Both are good phones. However, I may suggest that if you have the budget choose to purchase an iPhone 6S.

  laptopeveryone 09:24 25 Feb 2016

Despite the fact that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are insanely priced, still it doesn’t provide the required storage capacity. Now with starting prices of Rs. 15,000, it provides just 16GB of internal memory and as you deduct 1.3GB for iOS 9, you’re left with almost no space for the 12-MP pictures you’re going to click, 4K videos you’ll shoot, as well as your music collection or iTunes movies. In fact, there are popular iOS games that take almost 1GB to 2GB a piece. Thus, in order to enjoy owning an iPhone, you need to put extra money and get at least 64GB of storage. While, as it comes to Android, the high-end devices from Samsung phones, the HTC M9 and the LG G4, they start with a more-reasonable 32GB of internal storage, thus they are way better an option than an Apple phone.

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