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Which one to buy, Please Suggest !

  anmol 20:44 17 Sep 2016

ONEPLUS THREE , LG G5 and LG V20 ?? Which one will be best to buy? Reply asap.Thanks

  lotvic 11:37 18 Sep 2016

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe click here

  anmol 11:50 18 Sep 2016

@lovtic not the reviews... i want suggestion which one will be best among these three. Thanks

  lotvic 12:17 18 Sep 2016

Best for what? - which feature is most important to you? You want me to blindly suggest one for you? Userious? read the reviews, comparisons, and you decide which is best for you, I can only decide which is best for me, feature and budget-wise.

  Bazzaman 13:08 18 Sep 2016

Hear, hear lotvic.

  lotvic 16:30 18 Sep 2016

anmol, PCA has advised me that you are trying to send me a PM private message email. As I do not accept PMs I have no idea of its contents. Please put anything you have to say to me on here, in public for all to read and to help with any responses. Thank you.

  Forum Editor 18:57 18 Sep 2016

lotvic has given you a sensible response. It isn't possible for any of us to tell you which phone will be best for you.

Read the various reviews, and make a decision based on your own requirements.

  anmol 21:43 18 Sep 2016

I'll be using phone for 3-4 years max and price is not an issue.Specs and best featured phone is all i want.

  lotvic 21:59 18 Sep 2016

Specs and features compared side by side, LG V20 vs OnePlus 3 click here for youtube vid comparison. Don't forget you can click on || to pause the vid to give yourself time to study the features listed.

  Zak 11:54 19 Sep 2016

My choice is the OnePlus 3 at this time.

Stuff Magazine reviews

  Burn-it 18:01 19 Sep 2016

I would suggest the simplest!!

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