Which Mobile

  tullie 19:34 29 Nov 2009

Cant decide whether to get the Nokia n97,IPhone,or Blackberry Storm2 as my next contract mobile.Mainly used for calls,Text Messenging and internet.Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  jimmybond 23:13 01 Dec 2009

They all have strong points, it's down to personal taste really. Better to read some online reviews and go to the stores, try them out. You'll just get nokia owners saying nokia rules and iPhone crap, and vice versa here! ;-)

  donki 10:29 02 Dec 2009

Yup best thing to do is go into stores and try them. As far as I know o2 allow a 14day return on a phone if you dont like it. Would be a good chance to try one, if you dont like it change it. Make sure this 14day return is still in operation.

  AL47 18:55 02 Dec 2009

ive been deciding between 5 phones, npkia n900, htc HD2 [hopefully dragon coming soon], motorola droind and the soon out sony x10

you can read all the reviews you want [beware of nokia and iphone bias particularly] but noting beats in store demos.. i spent 30 mins on the HTC and liked it, despite it seeming HUGE from reviews, and the n900 a short while, didnt like it so much

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