Which LCD TV?

  snowy30 01:46 11 Nov 2009

I'm in the process of buying my first LCD TV, there are so many makes and models out there it can be very confusing...first of all my only concern is reliabilty, what make(s) should I look for in terms of reliabilty? My budget is £500.

  wiz-king 13:58 11 Nov 2009

I am not going to recommend a make but will suggest you create a spreadsheet to list the features of likely contenders. Choose your screen size then start listing, you will want to have on your list - Digital inputs/outputs, scart sockets, audio out, wide screen, recorder,DVD player and any extras you can think off.
PS make sure you can receive digital TV!

  Pamy 16:15 11 Nov 2009

I would look at all the well known names like, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, Hitachi. Toshiba etc. Then do as wiz-king suggests and also decide what leval of High Definition you want and can get, eg. Full 1080p via satalite dish or just Freeview via aerial.
The size and definition etc. will dictate the price

  john bunyan 16:29 11 Nov 2009

Now that Pioneer are no longer around, I think Panasonic are the leaders in quality. As wiz-king and Pamy say ,decide if you want freeview and / or freesat. I just wish where were more choice of frame finish as I do not like the shiny black surrounds.

  snowy30 23:36 11 Nov 2009

Ermmmm I have heard of freesat, what channels do they receive then?

Thanks wiz-king, that's a good idea of yours.

Thanks to all who replied.

  john bunyan 08:34 12 Nov 2009

Basically Freesat and freview have similar channels but for freesat you need a dish and either a freesat box (some will act as a HD recorder also) or some tv have freesat boxes built in. The advantage of freesat is that High Definition TV is only on a couple of channels on it - freeview, the "normal" digital system via a normal aerial will, one day have HD but not yet.
Stuartli is the "expert" - hopefully he will comment! I favour Panasonic and Sony on reliability grounds, but do get the highest contrast ratio you can.

  snowy30 00:19 13 Nov 2009

Yea, I do look for a high contrast ratio and I know what specifications and features I'm after - I don't want the TV going faulty on me say like 6 months or a year to two years down the line, so basically I would like a TV that I can rely on.

  Pamy 09:58 13 Nov 2009

There is no such thing. It can happen with the best. Just look for a good service provider or insurance if you are that conncerned

  john bunyan 10:19 13 Nov 2009

Both Panasonic and Sony sometimes have a 5 year manufacturers guarantee on offer. Worth checking with local official suppliers, then try to get them to price match with a cheaper source whilst keeping the guarantee.

  100andthirty 20:13 14 Nov 2009

John Lewis (never knowingly undersold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) sell all their TVs with a 5 year warranty.

  snowy30 00:38 15 Nov 2009

Yea, but they can be pretty expensive. Hidden costs.

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