Which laptop to connect to Panasonic TV

  Border View 17:03 26 Sep 2014

I have a Panasonic plasma TV. My ISP is BT Infinity. I can watch BT Sport on my computer and old laptop (running XP) I don't wish to enter into a contract with BT Sport to show it on my TV. I would prefer to buy a new laptop (really ready for a new one)but wondered what sort I should purchase which would connect (with the right cable) to my tv.

Can this be done and what sort of laptop should I be looking for please? Your help would be much appreciated. Budget up to £500.

Thank you.

  Border View 17:34 26 Sep 2014

Forgive my ignorance but what is Chromecast?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:38 26 Sep 2014

What is Chromecast

Most modern laptops can connect using HDMi cable or will possibly still retain the VGA port that you use on the old laptop.

1]: [click here,news-17637.html

  alanrwood 11:26 27 Sep 2014


Neither of your last links are working:- 404 Page not Found error

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:17 27 Sep 2014
  Border View 15:11 27 Sep 2014

Many thanks for the explanation. It sounds a bit like the Panasonic USB dongle I have. The Panasonic dongle does not let you watch BT sport. Few free channels but in the main channels look for a subscription.

From what I can gather to watch BT sport on TV I would have to get a BT box and pay a monthly subscription. The only sport we would like to watch on TV from BT is the MotoGP. As I mentioned I can watch this free on my computer and laptop. The idea is to link a new laptop to the TV. Research has shown that this may be possible with an HDMI cable from the laptop to TV.

Think I've answered my own question, get a new laptop which has an HDMI port.

Please tell me if I've come up with the wrong answer. Many thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 27 Sep 2014

Your old laptop should have a VGA port and a headphone out socket

I can connect my laptop using these ports to a flat screen Samsung

What input sockets does your TV have? Make and model?

  Border View 20:07 27 Sep 2014

click here has a couple of USB ports and one HDMI

My old laptop has a headphone socket and a D socket on the back which I used to link a C something monitor- huge thing not flat screen.

A new laptop is in the pipeline.


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