Which is convenient to use: Passive 3D glasses or Active 3D glasses?

  behill80 03:52 03 May 2012

Imagine that you want to watch an exciting movie that only accept 3D display on your 3D TV set. As a matter of fact, you expect to get the best satisfaction so far if only you use one of the above goggles that match with your 3D TV set. In which case, will you prefer the Active shutter glasses or the Passive glasses? I am aware that active glasses only work for the same manufacturer unlike passive.

  john bunyan 17:39 03 May 2012

I am told that passive glasses are cheaper and less of an eye strain. I am thinking of buying a LG ,partly as they are working on very narrow bezels, but also use the passive option.

  chasmithy 02:30 22 May 2012

Passive 3D is of course more convenient. First of all, it's way cheaper and it also doesn't require you to recharge the battery every time you watch a movie. I'm assuming you haven't tried on or even seen the active shutter glasses. They're shaped a certain way which is why your ears get very uncomfortable after wearing them for a little while. And lastly, this is a very common issue but the active shutter glasses cause flickering which gives a lot of people headaches.

  onionskin 23:15 23 May 2012

When you're watching TV while lying on your side on the setee, do you still get the 3D effect?

  chasmithy 01:59 01 Jun 2012

With passive 3D, yes but not with active 3D. Once you tilt your head to the side a little bit, your screens will go black

  aiato 10:03 25 Jun 2012

Almost everything was mentioned above. I would just add that active 3D glasses are heavier and inconvenient. LG probably has the best looking passive 3D glasses IMO and they're not that heavy either. They're just like regular sunglasses.

  JoeHill79 06:02 03 Jul 2012

Definitely passive ones. They are lighter, cheaper, more comfortable on the eyes and the face.

  redturtleneck 06:12 03 Jul 2012

Wasn’t it a given fact that passive 3D glasses are so much more superior then active ones?

  lhalfman 02:01 10 Jul 2012

Active glasses are so uncomfortable. There are always flickering, syncing, and the lenses always go black if you tilt your head at a certain angle. That is why I prefer LG 3d TV. LG has developed a lot on the 3d field. It gives the full 3d quality.

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