Which camera to go for?

  Sparkly 12:25 27 Sep 2011

Hi all i was looking for some advice on some cameras i am looking at, i am not a david bailey by any strech of the mind but i do like taking photos, at the moment i have been using a Fuji finepix 6mp but as i have grown with it i find it annoying that when i go for a shot i.e of my grandson playing or in a pose that would make a good photo there is a delay from pushing the button to the camera actually takeing the shot, so i would like your advice on these two i am looking at.



I would like the camera to take the shot at the moment i push the button and capture the moment i wanted and allso to take the photograpy a little further. Thanks in advance.

  alB 17:23 27 Sep 2011

Both cameras have similar shutter lag times but personally I would go for the Nikon, Heres a good comparison of both, snapsort


  Sparkly 18:13 27 Sep 2011

Hi alB thanks for the link the Nikon seems to come out the stronger contender certinly worth considerind, allso with a bigger saveing. Thanks for your input. Sparkly

  tomboard 07:06 05 Oct 2011

Hi this is tom and I am thinking of investing in a new camera to take pictures of wildlife, and nature. I would also like to take pictures of people, friends, faces and I want the pictures to be really HD and good quality. Preferably I want the camera to be able to record and I like the SLR camera's but I would also like the interactive system you get with normal digital ones.

  Migwell 00:28 05 Nov 2011

For instant picture taking you need a SLR. Nikon D3100 D5100 or D7000 recomended. I would also recomend a Sigma 18 to 200 VR zoom lens instead of the 18 to 55 lens you get with a kit camera, and just buy the body which saves you some money to buy the Sigma.

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