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Which budget smart phone ?

  RufusChucklebutty 21:42 08 Oct 2019

I'm looking for a new cheap phone for use at work, they get busted regularly as i work on construction sites so I only buy cheap ones around £30, I only use it for texts , calls, camera and occasionally WiFi.

Samsung Galaxy S5830i Alcatel pixi 4 Alcatel U3 I phone 4

  ladoua 08:30 10 Oct 2019

If I were you, I may try to search second hand smartphone. It's cheaper.

  hightechcomputers 12:53 10 Oct 2019

Get an iphone4

  RufusChucklebutty 16:44 10 Oct 2019

Why an I phone model from years ago and not a current cheap phone ?

  lotvic 16:47 10 Oct 2019

Budget smartphone Reviews

TechAdvisor click here

  RufusChucklebutty 23:07 10 Oct 2019

That link is for £200 range phones I'm only going up to £30 .

  MA7 08:50 17 Oct 2019

You can buy iphone 5 if they still around lol

  x13 09:43 17 Oct 2019

List on Amazon, link , most of the useful ones locked to Vodafone pay as you go.

  RufusChucklebutty 13:41 17 Oct 2019

The vodaphone PAYG is 55p a minute !!

My first mobile the size of a brick circa 1994 was 45p a minute !

  x13 09:26 18 Oct 2019

The Alcatel U3 seems reasonably priced at Argos. Link . There's also a Nokia 216 for £29.95 with smaller screen and only 2G. I suppose good enough as throwaways. Hope you find what you'r looking for but the choices are small.

  Haddince 08:01 31 Oct 2019

You can consider 2nd hand, refurb or rugged phones.

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