which is the best mobile phone for long lasting battery, good camera

  alibob1526 17:57 15 Jun 2012

Which is the best mobile phone with a good quality camera,(5mgpixel or more), for long lasting battery life. The one I have now is only lasting about a day. I do not mind if it is new or second hand as long as it is below £100.

  alibob1526 10:18 02 Nov 2012

Thanks for all responses to my query ref. phone battery life. I bought a Huawei Ascent 300, seems a decent phone,5mg.camera ETC. battery lasts a few days,mind you, I do not use internet or GPS. I was told that on PAYG it costs £.64 a minute, a big jump from Asdas sim, .8 per minute .4 for text. To those who suggested an Iphone, the query was for a sub £100 phone & I believe the I phone are in the hundreds. Thanks to all anyway.

  Nontek 19:02 07 Nov 2012

My Galaxy S3 battery lasts two days - also it is possible to get a Battery Attachment for the S3, which greatly improves the usable time.

S3 Battery pack.

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