Which is the best basic phone

  [email protected] 10:52 28 Jul 2013

My wife's mobile contract ends in 3 weeks. We're paying £36 per month for her contract which is way more than required. She currently has an i-phone 3GS but doesn't need anything so 'sophisticated'. She never uses it to access e-mails or the internet. All she does is uses it to send texts and make calls - about 100 minutes per month.

She likes the touch screen and keypad on the i-phone, but is there a more basic phone available, with a touch screen, that would be better suited to her modest needs?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  Woolwell 18:17 28 Jul 2013

Almost impossible to answer as touch screens vary with some of the more basic models not having good screens. Suggest that you call into a mobile store and have a look round and "play".

  Nontek 09:09 01 Aug 2013

I have the Samsung S3 on contract with talk mobile (from Carphone Warehouse) which costs me £28 per month all-in, includes 100 free minutes, 100 free texts and free on-line allowance of 100Mb. I have never gone over any of these limits, so my total monthly bill is just £28.

I use my mobile in a similar way to your wife.

  bembolR 11:41 03 Aug 2013

You might want to consider the Pantech Breakout smartphone. It could be what you're looking for.

  LastChip 22:45 04 Aug 2013

Why don't you keep the phone and simply change contracts?

GiffGaff will give you unlimited text messages and 200 minutes a month for £7.50.

She presumably has sufficient knowledge of the phone to use it for those purposes. Alternatively, buy a new unlocked basic phone for around £20 - not touch screen but does the job OK and sell your iphone 3GS.

  HXP 22:25 09 Aug 2013

HTC Desire C sim free then go for a sim only contract ? £100 ( ish )

  rockymast 20:38 10 Aug 2013

Lumia 520 would make a perfect budget phone. The Windows Phone 8 is pretty stable and at the price point it is pure value for money. Since it is Nokia, you dont have to worry about support and build quality.

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