Which basic mobile phone to choose

  Grambo 09:08 24 Apr 2008

Im looking at upgrading second phone. Has to be O2 pay as you go, and only used for calls and texting, with colour screen. I have always used Nokia but they dont seem to have a cheap model that would suit, so its any make really

  belfman 09:41 24 Apr 2008

How much money?

There's an abundance of handsets priced from £19:

click here Nokia 2310 £19

click here SonyE T250 £29

click here Samsung E250 £39

click here Nokia 2630 £49

PS You're in the wrong forum.

  interzone55 11:01 24 Apr 2008

Get any cheap Nokia - like the 2310 - doesn't matter which network, then get it unlocked, this can be done online for about £3.

I like the 6070, just bought one for my wife for £40 from Asda - click here
It has a basic camera which may come in handy, if you don't want that try the 1208 @ £25 click here

  Quickbeam 12:37 24 Apr 2008

"get it unlocked, this can be done online for about £3"

Who does that? I've got some old phones that would benefit from that for keeping in the car etc...

  Si_L 13:23 24 Apr 2008

You can do it for free on the internet.

  Si_L 15:10 24 Apr 2008

The Nokia 1100 is a good phone for the money. Costs about 20 quid.

  pavvi 17:22 24 Apr 2008

The nokia 1100 doesn't have a colour screen. The ones that have been suggested are all pretty good basic colour phones....Try and find them ready to use unlocked without getting a softweare cracker to do the job. HIgh street stores like the one suggested on those links will generally have stock already unlocked for use on any network....

  Grambo 18:46 24 Apr 2008

Went for the Sony Ericsson from Carphone Warehouse. Only 10 pounds with trade in for old phone. Amazing deal as its a beaut and even has a camera and radio. Thanks guys

  Grambo 18:47 24 Apr 2008

Oops i meant Sony Ericsson T250i (think i better list the model)

  recap 11:42 28 Apr 2008

To find out the unlock code you’ll need the IMEI code, network and the phone model. Just enter the information and the site will automatically generate an unlock code for you.

To find your IMEI code type *#06# into your handset, and note the number.

What to do with the code?

Enter your details and the website (below) will generate an unlock code specific to the model of your phone. The code will look something like this:

#pw+2746763089+1# (Nokia phones)

*2767*637# (Other makes)

Take the Sim card out of the phone and put in a different network’s Sim. Enter the generated code into the phone. You may be given several codes. Try the first one to start with and if this doesn’t work try the others.

How to enter the code

Rather than using the regular text keys you need to use the * key if you want to produce letters as opposed to numbers. To produce a ‘p’, press the * button three times within two seconds; to produce a ‘w’, press the * button four times within two seconds; to produce a ‘+’, press the * button twice within two seconds.

You should now get a message saying ‘phone restriction off’.

click here

  nottseagull 18:18 04 Jun 2008

I'm new to this forum, I don't know how to reply to Si-L's statement that you can unlock 2310 for free on the internet - that model is not listed under Tryktill, for example. If this topic is now resolved, how can he see this?

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