where to find free software to rotate 3gp videos?

  theDarkness 13:58 22 Jul 2010

I am trying to find software that will rotate my mobile videos by 90 degrees, I have loads of 3gp videos from my mobile and im converting them to a dvd afterwards. I tried "free studio flip and rotate" but it was rubbish, it converted great, but the videos would now play at twice their speed, lol.

Does anyone know of any other video rotating software? not many programs that feature rotatation probably support 3gp or mp4.


  theDarkness 00:13 23 Jul 2010

thanks for that-never heard of it, but will give it a go in future! :) In the end I used "Pazera Free 3gp to avi" and after converting my files (I chose mpeg as the output file) then used "VirtualDubMod" to rotate and fix my final mpeg (in its 'add filter' option).

I am making a family dvd, which will include both photo slideshows and family videos on the same disc (from my cameras jpg photos, and mp4 and 3gp videos-mainly from mobile phone). I was after a tool to rotate my awkward mobile files, then add them to good dvd creation software. I am trying out an old Corel DVD Movie Factory (its the best tool I know that allows me to add both video and photo slideshows to my disc-one minor flaw is that I cant have very long audio on the main menus, but aside from that its working ok).

I am thinking of joining all my finished mobile videos (now mpegs) together, either by date or theme, to make them easier to view on the dvd, instead of having a menu with hundreds of files to choose from.

Im not sure what the most popular basic mpeg or avi video joiner would be, I have tried a few in the past with mixed results (eg usually the final file plays too fast!), so I may be looking for a while. I have found and will test "free video joiner" (sounds promising, lol) although its been alot harder in finding good tools for the most basic of video tasks so far.


  theDarkness 01:49 23 Jul 2010

update :- I tested Free 'Format Factory'... you have to make sure you have a good firewall to disable two toolbars being installed at the same time-your internet browser may also change. even if not, you can easily change it back and uninstall the two toolbars, but then, thats what you get from free software, lol. Online Armor allowed me to prevent the installation of the toolbars, although Im not sure if all firewalls will do the same job.

Format Factory is a good program, but I noticed that when I rotate videos and convert, depending on the format I have chosen, the rotation does not always work, or the final output is stretched out-but perhaps my settings were wrong, and there was a way to not allow stretching, Ill keep looking.

The major issue I had was converting some mpegs and avi to other formats-the final file audio would repeat in the first second of playing any video, eg "h-hello", probably a bug that will be fixed (if its not my pc causing the problem).

As for both rotating and converting my 3gp files to avi or mpeg (what I wanted!) it seems to be doing a nice job-thanks :)

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