WhatsApp 2017-Which phone to buy

  IFBBEmery 23:14 20 Nov 2016

Help please,

I am not tech savvy. I am an old school Blackberry fanatic. I hate the camera and video on it but because I use it mainly to reply to my business emails on the road and often I am typing them even while in line at the checkout, I needed the keyboard so I could type without constantly having to look down at the phone. Yes, I get that many emails. Uuuggghhh! I also hate touch screens because I am a wee bit OCD and I hate the fingerprints on them all of the time.

Anyway, I am an ex-pat American living in the UK so my most important feature on the phone is the WhatsApp so I can keep in touch with my family so now that WhatsApp has announced that they are going to cut off my Blackberry from their service in 2017 I am at a complete loss.

I can find many lists of what won't work but no lists of which phones WILL work, at least no lists that are not linked to virus laden sites in Nigeria.

I don't need anything fancy. I don't use any apps but WhatsApp and in fact always delete the Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat apps from my phones completely. The parts I need are 1) phone...duh! Lol 2) WhatsApp 3) camera/video 4) music 5) access to Google.

I'd prefer a phone with an SD card option, and even better a removable battery. I do not want to have to put my fingerprint in a phone. I have found 4 that would appear to suit my needs but am just not sure what I am looking at. Inexpensive and simple is best. Asking too much?

Can someone tell me which of these phones will work with WhatsApp in 2017 please? I've tried to find the answer but I don't want to commit to buying one until I am sure. Thanks a bunch. <<

  lotvic 13:54 21 Nov 2016

Can someone tell me which of these phones will work with WhatsApp in 2017...

...and the 4 phones you've found are?

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