what smart phones are about now?

  AL47 16:37 18 Dec 2009

im looking for a new smart phone to replace my old and dying 1st gen iphone

im looking at phones just coming out and have isolated a few but am not certain if im missing any near future releases

sony xperia x10 [android 1.6, 65k 4in screen, 1ghz]
HTC HD2 [win mo 6.5, 16m 4.3in screen, 1ghz]
HTC (bravo)[android 2.0, 16m AMOLED 3.7 screen 1ghz]
Google nexus one [android 2.1 16m AMOLED 3.7, 1ghz]

ideally id love the HTC HD2 but not with usless win mo 6.5

ive handled it and it is amazing looking, just win mo is the bad bit

any i may be forgetting?

  AL47 16:38 18 Dec 2009

ps iphone 3gs is out, its screen is too small, its resolution is poor, camera poor and i dont want itunes on my pc

  Voxpop 20:40 18 Dec 2009

In a head to head comparison, Smartphone Essentials recommend the Samsung Omnia II. You can read the review at click here or click here

Myself I hanker after the Blackberry Storm 2, but my pay and go sim card won't support all the features.


  AL47 23:02 18 Dec 2009

that site is pretty dated by looks of things

no mention of any of the above phones

  tullie 19:07 20 Dec 2009

There are dozens of sites that review mobile phones,if you Google.

  AL47 22:05 20 Dec 2009

review sites are for near releases and already out phones

im looking for any that are due in a month or two i may be missing

  AL47 22:33 23 Dec 2009

by the looks of it im going to wait for the google nexus one

  preston 23:35 02 Jan 2010

I have a G2 touch, it is a great phone but battery life is not that good. check out their battery life.

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