what is RAW and have i got it ???

  lez259 11:40 27 Jun 2007

Hi, I recently bought a Panasonic DMC-Z7 and have come accross the term RAW a lot lately . What is it exactly? I think it is something to do with file formats, can anybody tell me if my camera has it? Thanks

  ventanas 12:20 27 Jun 2007

Raw is a file format that contains the data relating to the image you have taken. These have to be opened in a Raw editor, of which there are many. In the editor it is possible to change just about everything, including white balance, colour etc..etc. The image is then saved as a tif, jpg etc.

Look on the Raw format as a kind of digital negative.

  ventanas 12:21 27 Jun 2007

Forgot to add, every make and model of camera has its own Raw format. Any editor you use will have to support your camera model. If it is capable of shooting Raw you probably got some kind of rudimentary editor with it.

  roy 13:00 27 Jun 2007


If your camera is the 'LZ7' it appears to not have raw. The format is jpeg. see this quote:
The Lumix LZ7 offers a wide aspect-ratio movie mode with a resolution of 848 x 480 pixels, as well as lower-resolution 640 x 480 and 320 x 240 pixel options, all at rates up to 30 frames-per-second and encoded in the QuickTime Motion JPEG format common on many digicams. Unlike the FZ6, audio is recorded. Power is provided by a pair of AA batteries (with Oxyride disposables in the product bundles), and in addition to an SD / MMC / SDHC-compatible card slot, the LZ7 includes 27MB of built-in memory for image storage.

  Stuartli 13:02 27 Jun 2007

Some information:

click here

click here

Picassa2, free from Google, can be used for RAW files:

click here

  lez259 13:11 27 Jun 2007

My Camera is a DMC -FZ7

  roy 21:25 28 Jun 2007

Hi Lez

The following is a review of your camera and no, it does not shoot in RAW. It states: "Records in JPEG, TIFF, and MOV file formats"

click here

  roy 21:32 28 Jun 2007

Hi Lez,
Well having just looked at Amazon I see they quote yes to raw, so I don't know. see click here

Don't you have a manual that would tell you?

  lez259 06:14 29 Jun 2007

According to the manual there is no mention of RAW only JPEG so I am assuming that I am unable to use it with this camera. Thanks to all you guys that have replied.

  roy 16:32 29 Jun 2007

Cheers Lez!

  freaky 13:54 14 Jul 2007

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8 has RAW and the necessary software on CD. Have not tried it yet !

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