What portable DVD player please?

  Sneeze1 19:42 27 Nov 2016

I wonder if you can help me? I'm searching for a portable DVD player and I have my eyes on 2 models.

one is a Sony DVPFX780 7-inch Screen £69 with free delivery.

click here other is:

NAVISKAUTO 9 inch Portable DVD Player Wide View LCD Screen, Real 5 Hours Built-In Rechargeable Battery Support at £66.99 (£60.73) through Flubit.

click here you tell me which is the better one? I've never heard of Naviskauto before, but it has some good reviews.

I would also like it to play music CD's. many thanks and hope you can advise me?

The Can

  Aitchbee 19:58 27 Nov 2016

Another one to consider which I think is quite good if you use headphones or external speakers as it's built-in speakers are not good..

click here

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