What phone after Samsung Note 2 ?

  ric_coupe 20:34 21 Jan 2016

Hi guys, a new poster here looking your words of advice please.

I’ve been using a Samsung Note 2 for the past 2 or 3 years now, and as I ended my existing contract recently, I rooted it and installed Resurrection Remix rom on it as there is no official Lollipop rom for this model. (LP_v5.4.2)

Whilst I’m generally happy with how it’s turned out, there are some minor issues such as error messages which pop up occasionally. However these can generally be dismissed and the phone will carry on working with no apparent ill effect.

As a result, I have been considering perhaps changing the phone, but my budget is quite limited.

The particular phones I’ve been researching are (in no particular order) Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Honor 7 Honor 5x Umi Iron Pro Ulefone Power Wileyfox Swift (or Storm), And a bit of a wild card, the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6. I’m keen to keep to my current screen size (5.5 inches), and as my Note 2 has 2GB ROM and 16GB of inbuilt storage, I wouldn’t really want to reduce these specs either.

What I’m hoping your experience and expertise can answer is, would I really see any benefit in moving to any of those phones from my Note 2 ? My phone is generally used for texting, browsing, and viewing videos. Some very occasional gaming, but generally, just typical casual smartphone user functions. Grateful for any advice. Many thanks.

  RV510 21:14 21 Jan 2016

I would stay with a Samsung, they are reliable. I would also stay away from anything bearing the Vodafone name, handset and provider, if you want to stay sane and not be confronted at any time with a non-customer support Company.

  ric_coupe 08:34 22 Jan 2016

Thanks for the reply RVS10. My budget doesn't really stretch to another flagship Samsung model which is why I was considering the cheaper Chinese models. Just wondering if I'd really notice any improvement in performance, etc ?

  RV510 09:51 22 Jan 2016

I don't think you'll get a particularly good quality or reliable Chinese model, stick with the brand names and you'll at least get support from the manufacturer further down the line if it goes wrong. I use a Samsung S3 GTi9300, you can pick them up now for a third of their new price, be cautious in considering buying from such sites as eBay especially if the phone is locked to a particular provider as when you come to use it, it could be PIN protected, registered to the previous owner, you need to get one that's unlocked to any network, best to go to a phone shop or other shops that sell phones, you can then inspect for condition and get some sort of warrantee.

  ric_coupe 10:51 22 Jan 2016

Thanks again. I would only buy new, which is why I was considering some of those Chinese models, as they're at least half the price of the premium brands. I know you get what you pay for, and wouldn't expect the same quality, but I just fancied a change of phone and wondered if any of them would be a performance improvement ?

  morddwyd 11:39 23 Jan 2016

Why not just unroot your Note 2?

I have both the Note 2 and the Note 4, both unlocked (PAYG) and there's not that much difference between the two O.Ss.

"I was considering the cheaper Chinese models. Just wondering if I'd really notice any improvement in performance, etc ?"

You get what you pay for and is's not usual to get an improvement by going cheap!

Unroot your device, install the standard, Samsung, ROM update to version 4.4.2 and you'll still have a very good smartphone.

  ric_coupe 17:10 23 Jan 2016

Thanks for your reply morddwyd. I'm happy now with lollipop and wouldn't be keen to go back. I know buying cheap doesn't normally buy you an improvement, but my thinking was that phone processors etc have moved on in the 2 or 3 years that I've owned the note, and I was just wondering if one of my suggested models was indeed a "step-up in performance" or not ? Maybe I should consider a more mainstream model, like an LG G4 ?

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