What is it with Freeview?

  TonyV 23:33 11 Jan 2012

Talk about a complete misnomer, Freeview is such a mess at the moment I can hardly get any of the many channels available. I am on the Mendips Transmitter, and have had no trouble until about 2 to 3 months ago, when the screen kept coming up with retune to maximise the channels you can get. What a laugh. I get far less now than I got before the retune. There are hardly any signals coming through. Is this progress in the digital age?

Speaking to so called specialists they say it is something to do with Multiplex, but if, what ever that is, and it fails to work, why the * don't they revert to what was working.

I have spoken to the TV manufacturer and they gave me all the channel numbers relevant to the Mendips transmitter so that I could manually retune, but it is still worse than useless.

I was thinking of buying a new TV, but will not be doing that just yet. I don't like wasting money, particularly since the service I want via the set is obvious not available. I have no interest in Sky, and liked the Freeview because occasionally there were some reasonable films on late at night. Now they may just as well go back to BBC1 & 2 and ITV1,4 and 5. They still work!

Are the same problems every where else or is it just the Mendips transmitter?


  Forum Editor 23:38 11 Jan 2012

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  morddwyd 10:14 12 Jan 2012

Have you checked the strength of your signal?

Following changeover many signal strengths changed, and you may need a new aerial or a booster for your current one.

I had to retune 4 or 5 times to get BBC again after switchover, and I can see the transmitter from the bedroom window.

  TonyV 10:43 12 Jan 2012


The last time we had our signal strength checked they were fine. Apparently there is an engineer calling in tomorrow to check our aerial and the box that transmits the signals to the 8 flats and see what needs to be done. Sod's Law dictates that we will have to change something to get a reasonable signal. Progress is one step forward and five backwards!!

I'll see tomorrow!!



  wiz-king 15:59 12 Jan 2012

You are being worked on! info

  TonyV 19:07 12 Jan 2012


Thanks for that. At the moment I have retuned manually so many times and the end result is the same each time. I have also done a number of times by reverting to the as shipped condition, then manually tuning, and again, the result is not good!. I'll wait until tomorrow and see what this engineer comes up with.



  TonyV 13:47 13 Jan 2012

The engineer called this AM. and apparently said the aerial was no longer suitable so a new aerial will be fitted next week, then a check made against the signal strength and the Booster Box. It seems to me it is a process of elimination. We shall see!


  dms_05 08:56 15 Jan 2012

Did you do a complete reset of your Freeview box? They have very limited memory and if you already had a full list of existing channels you may simply be trying to rescan the new channels in to too little residual memory. Always do a complete reset before rescanning after a major change in channels.

Incidentally the digital signal will be far stronger than the equivalent analogue signal after DSO. However the big BUT is that DSO isn't completed until after the final transmitters are switched (sometime this year) and at that time some digital channels all over the UK will suddenly appear to some users when their signals are increased by quite a large amount.

DSO has been a long drawn out nightmare taking 5 years to complete. Spain (and others) did the whole switch for the whole country on the same day - much more sensible.

  TonyV 11:45 15 Jan 2012


My TV has the Freeview Tuner contained with in, so when I revert to the default, it is going back to as shipped. i.e. Blank!. It also has the Record system contained with in, so one tuning takes care of both systems. But I can still record one whilst watching another programme.

I shall wait until this week when hopefully a new aerial will be installed and we shall all be getting better signals. At the moment it s any which way, even BBC2 failed to record with out the pixalation coming through because of weak signals.

With regard to the UK Digital turn over, Tea Party and Temperance Hall springs to mind!!


  TonyV 17:10 23 Jan 2012

Just to close this one out, the Aerial Engineer called today and fitted a new aerial and re-sorted the distribution box for all eight flats. We now have the missing Freeview stations on both the TV sets.


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