scp99 11:59 09 May 2007

Hi All,

I have a budget of £1,200 to spend on a HDTV, including scart leads and brackets etc. I am confused, probably not alone, as to the best to get for my money.

My first question would be LCD or PLASMA ?

What are the pros v cons of PLASMA & LCD

Then I guess it comes down to the technical specifications.

If anyone could provide some advice as to what on the market at the moment would be the best buy I would be grateful.

I understand that my questions are vague at best but am not sure what to get - Or if indeed to wait a while?.

I know what I would like, not sure if I could get for budget:-

1- 42" minimum screen
2- PC input - to be able to use screen as laptop /desktop montitor.
3- Picture in Picture
4-RGB Scart sockets for best audio and picture quality.
4 a - Minimum of three one for HDDVD + other for HDTV box.
5- Built in speakers? - if possible
6- Nicam / Surround Sound
7 - Built in Freeview
8 - Not too bothered about make just want it to have as good as spec as I could afford.

Any impartial advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

  Danoh 12:21 09 May 2007

LCD vs Plasma; huge debates over this. I chose LCD because;
a) I intend to display PC graphics which are better on LCD
b) Although Plasma screens' half-life is now advertised as being the same as LCDs whereas they used to be half, the physics are still the same
c) speed of LCDs are now good enough
d) LCDs are a lot lighter for wall mounting then Plasmas

HOWEVER, the style of picture is quite different so make sure you check out favourite DVDs against your shortlisted LCDs & Plasmas before buying!
Plasma technology is mature but LCD is still being developed further, so the longer you wait the better LCDs you can get.

You will be better off check Audi Visual forums for more info (e.g. avforums.co.uk ?)

I have a 40" Sony Bravia 1080p LCD tv.

You need to check out the specs for shortlisted TVs - do your own Google search and post your shortlist in AV forums.

2- PC input - yes, via VGA or DVI-HDMI.
3- Picture in Picture - no
4 - RGB Scart sockets for best audio and picture quality.
Yes, but you will find that HDMI is better still as it retains the signals in the digital domain & LCDs pixel resolutions is also in the digital domain
5- Built in speakers? - TVs all have these, to varying levels of quality
6- Nicam / Surround Sound - yes, almost by default for TVs
7 - Built in Freeview - yes, almost default for new TVs

Choices are very personal - good luck.

  pc613 15:10 09 May 2007

Have a look at this one on lowest on web (part of evesham) and good value for under £1000

click here

  Danoh 15:26 09 May 2007

John Lewis does price matching which could bring a Sony 40" within your budget.
click here

Price.com does mine at under £1,000 free delivery but without John Lewis' 5 yr warranty nor free HD-DVD recorder.

  Danoh 15:26 09 May 2007

Sorry that should be Play.com

  Danoh 15:58 09 May 2007

I had the same but got a good 'un on exchange from John Lewis

  paddy75 19:30 21 May 2007

scp99,have a look here click here Paddy

  si_l 19:48 21 May 2007

I remember the Gadget Show did a piece on this and they were drooling all over the LCD's.

Also, have you considered tv projection. With this budget you could afford a good projector. You will need a nice big white wall though.

If you want a LCD, check out the Sony KDL46V2500U

click here

This was the best price I could find. :)

  janeme 21:16 21 May 2007

Interesting reading,i looked into buying a lcd or plasma, i ended up with lcd,(would not change it)
no one has mentioned screen burn with the plasma? it still happens. Jane

  Danoh 00:01 22 May 2007

V good point, Jane. Forgot about that one.
scp99 seems to have vanished after the first post???

  anchor 16:35 23 May 2007

I have no personal opinion, but a consumer survey done in France, UK and Australia suggests that the preference is certainly for Plasma.

click here

As regards Plasma burn in; have a read of this for the latest information:

click here

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