What Freesat System Would You Recommend Please?

  Big L 266 17:25 27 Apr 2009


Thanks to our local Council,our four bungalows have had a brand new communal Freeview aerial and Sky satellite dish installed today.

I'm not a great TV watcher,but I like the idea of a Freesat Box in which I can make a one-off payment purchase and take both extra TV and radio channels and thus utilise the potential of the Sky satellite receiver.I also like the idea of HDTV for some of the programmes.

I bought a new wide-screen Panasonic TV and compatable Panasonic DVD recorder/player last year. My question is thankfully very simple:-

What Freesat box and connections do you believe I should purchase and why?

Any help in directing me to a successful purchase would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance for your kind help.

  john bunyan 17:30 27 Apr 2009

Humax's FOXSAT-HDR (PVR). I am sure Stuartli will add technical details.

  john bunyan 19:24 27 Apr 2009

Forgot to say the reason for this choice is that it can receive and save High Definition Freesat - only a couple of channels so far though.

  oresome 20:13 27 Apr 2009

The kit you purchase will to a large extent be determined by the antenna system supplied by the council.

For a PVR type receiver you will require two separate satellite connections in order to watch one programme and record another.

If you only have one satellite connection, you're limited to a simple receiver.

  [email protected] 23:07 27 Apr 2009

I find this website click here & click here very good for reading reviews on this type of stuff. I used it when choosing a freeview box.

Humax, as recommended by John Bunyan, is a very respected brand in this field, as is Topfield, although they aren't cheap.

  [email protected] 23:09 27 Apr 2009

click here. I thought there would be more reviews than that however.

  Stuartli 00:10 28 Apr 2009

Humax is the only manufacturer currently offering a Freesat (BBC/ITV) tuner PVR (the FOXSAT PVR).

However, you can get a Panasonic TV (one of five) with a built-in Freesat (plus Freeview and analogue tuners) and use this for the moment.

I would suspect that the council will hopefully realise that it needs to upgrade the system further so that both Sky and Freesat can be received from the setup.

FOXSAT PVR details at:

click here

Humax, of course, also offers both SD and HD set top boxes to receive BBC/ITV Freesat. See:

click here

I would respectfully suggest that you ignore any other manufacturer (apart from the fact that Bush is due to offer a re-badged version of the Humax FOXSAT PVR sometime in the near future).

  Stuartli 00:13 28 Apr 2009

I've just noticed you already have a Panasonic TV, so a Humax HD Freesat set top box would be sufficient.

Obviously someone who appreciates quality products...:-)

  Big L 266 10:06 28 Apr 2009

Thank you very much for all your very kind help and assistance in my search for a HD Freesat box to go with the new Sky dish that the Council installed.I've been reading all the links and reviews you've sent me with great interest and am going to settle for the Hmax HD Freesay set top box.I have just re-read the letter from the Council to make sure it was a Sky satellite dish they installed and it was.

For Stuartli...I made my choice of Panasonic TVs from a subscription to Which? magazine and,from that,read many reviews before settling on the one I eventually purchased.The same went for the DVD player.In both cases,I asked for,and got,a substantial discount for both the TV,DVD and stand from a well-known electrical shop in Boston,Lincolnshire.You might like to know I rigged it up to my 1995 hi fi system to play films, music and documentaries on when broadcast by the BBC. The sound is truly amazing.

Thank you all again for your help.

  Stuartli 21:37 29 Apr 2009

The magazine you mention (I get it regularly) includes in its latest roundup of best buys the 10 top 32in and 37in TVs.

Panasonic fills all the first nine places, with a Sony filling the remaining slot.

At one time last year, Panasonic had 15 of the top 24 models of all screen sizes best buy awards...:-)

  Stuartli 00:02 01 May 2009

>>I wonder how much Panasonic pushed to Which to review their TV's..>>

Perhaps you would like, on reflection, to withdraw that unwarranted, highly unacceptable and extremely offensive remark?

Which? is an independent organisation and buys all the products it reviews - that includes cars and other expensive products.

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