What DVD player to play most video formats.

  edenworkshops 12:43 14 May 2014


Our current DVD player, apart from shop bought DVD's, will only play .avi format files.

Can anyone suggest a player that plays most video formats please?



  martd7 15:54 14 May 2014

Most do but some have additional features,hdmi output or scart output? Upscaling,1080p,multi region? choose carefully

  edenworkshops 17:21 14 May 2014

Thank you, I was hoping someone could recommend a player.


  edenworkshops 17:22 14 May 2014

The last time we bought blind we got a dummy.


  martd7 18:24 14 May 2014

I would recommend one but as in my post theres a lot of different specs,do you have a tv that accepts hdmi? do you want it to have an upscaler which scales a normal dvd up to hd quality,do you want it to play dvds from purchased from abroad? ie USA?Different region codes,no point recommending one if you have an old style tv that doesnt accept hdmi etc

  martd7 18:25 14 May 2014

Also whats your budget?

  martd7 18:34 14 May 2014

LG bluray player plays pretty much anything? Not many dvd players around now

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  edenworkshops 17:41 15 May 2014

I doubt our TV accepts hdmi, it's quite an old TV. What is hdmi? Does it have a special plug or something?

We mainly want to play common internet dvd formats, like Mpeg, MP4, AVI-HD.

Our current player only plays AVI files and not those in HD so we are really limited.

We are as always on a budget, I was hoping someone could suggest a player and then I look for it on eBay.

Thanks for your help.


  martd7 23:13 15 May 2014

Yes hdmi is the digital connection lead between the dvd player and the tv,now i know you cant use a hdmi cable you need to find a dvd player that uses a scart cable which i presume is how you are using the current dvd player? have you a flat screen tv? Is it hd?

  martd7 23:16 15 May 2014

Further to that you wont get hd quality if you don't have a hd tv connected via hdmi lead,a scart lead is analogue,ie standard tv

  martd7 23:25 15 May 2014

Ebay,hdmi or scart connection,unknown make dvd player,plays allsorts

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