What to do with MP4 files?

  Hillbilly2002 19:20 06 Dec 2007

I recently bought a Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG65 SD Card Camcorder which creates video in MP4 format. I checked with Cyberlink who told me I needed PowerDirector v6 to read MP4 files. I bought the software and it repeatedly crashes. Cyberlink now tell me PowerDirector doesnt't import MP4, even though the User Guide says it does. Has anyone any advice on what I can do to these files to get the software to accept them? I'm a video editing neewbie.

  six-h 20:41 06 Dec 2007

I play MPEG4 files with iTunes, or Quicktime player.
I would think that the necessary codecs would be available to enable you to play them in Windows Media Player, but I'm no expert!

  six-h 20:53 06 Dec 2007

Sorry, must remember to read the question!!!
Found this on Google: -click here

  anchor 10:49 07 Dec 2007

My son has got a new camera that records in mp4. I can play them using the free Quick Time Player.

I wished to edit a short test video he sent by e-mail from France. As I only have Windows Movie Maker, I had to first convert it into AVI format. For this I used the free SUPER ©.

click here

I imported the resultant AVI file into Windows Movie maker to edit, saving as a WMV file.

Here is an example of the short test I made from mp4.

click here

If you then wish to burn to a DVD you can use the free DVD Flick to convert and burn.

ps: It is not easy to find the download page for Super, but stick with it; I did find it in the end.

  anchor 10:55 07 Dec 2007

For the benefit of anyone who has a camera that records in MOV format, (as mine does), the same procedure would apply.

  six-h 17:24 07 Dec 2007

Super ©...wow, looks like the Swiss Army Knife of video converters!
Having ploughed through the website, and the FAQ's, it seems a little daunting, can you advise if it is easy for dummies like me to use??..:-0

  MCE2K5 20:56 07 Dec 2007

"can you advise if it is easy for dummies like me to use??..:-0"

Oh Yes, Easy Peasy.

  six-h 22:15 07 Dec 2007

Thanks,...not heard that expression since Aneka Rice was on the TV....eek!

  MCE2K5 22:42 07 Dec 2007

It goes way back in time.

Washing-up Liquid advert,

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

  anchor 09:11 08 Dec 2007

Super ©

Yes, I did find it easy to use. I made a few short tests first to find the best settings.

  Hillbilly2002 11:24 08 Dec 2007

Thanks for the tip six-h, I got quite excited there for a minute. But... when I follow the dogcamsport instructions it falls over at the point where I have to import the file into Windows Movie Maker. Like most of these programs MP4 is an unsupported file type.
Having a go at SUPER (c) now (thanks anchor). Fingers crossed.

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