What is the best way to sell my 10 year old Sony camcorder?

  geek84 15:21 28 Jul 2012

Hi Folks

I bought a brand new Sony camcorder about 10 years ago. I am now thinking of selling it and buying a more modern small compatible camcorder.

Can you suggest what websites I could use in order to sell it? Do you think I could part exchange it when buying a new one from one of the major retailers such as Curry or Dixons?

Thanks in advance for your response.

  bremner 17:35 28 Jul 2012

I would think there is little market for a ten year old camcorder and i would be astonished if Comet or a DSG shop would consider a PX.

Your only hope is a car boot sale or advert in a local paper. However you are unlikely to get very much. Have a look in Loot and see if you can find a similar sale as it will give you an idea of a possible asking price.


  morddwyd 19:39 28 Jul 2012

Have to agree with Bremner.

New compact camcorders, even HD ones, are now so cheap that very few people would consider a second-hand one from last year, let alone ten years ago.

I doubt you'll do much better than £20 or so.

  onthelimit1 11:44 29 Jul 2012

I'd suggest the Antiques Road Show! Seriously, I doubt you'd get even the 20 quid that's been mentioned - changes in technology have been so fast recently that goods become of little value after even a couple of years.

  BT 22:15 29 Jul 2012

Your best hope is that someone has a load of tapes from a similar format whose own camera has broken down and wants to recover their recordings. I wouldn't expect much cash though, but you might expect a big debt of gratitude, and perhaps settle for a nice bottle of wine or similar.

Your local Freegle site if you are feeling generous and don't want any cash.

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