What is the best Mp3 player battery life vs. size?

  JoE. 15:06 11 Nov 2006

As I metnioned in the title, battery life versus storage is what I'm after. Don't really care for flashy screen/controls. Not fussed what shop it's from either :o)

  Probabilitydrive 15:23 11 Nov 2006

Regarding mp3's-how long is a piece of string?
There are many out there to recommend. My favourite at present:
click here

  JoE. 15:31 11 Nov 2006

I once read somewhere boffins had invented a formula to answer that age old question on the basis that if its too short it should be called thread and if its too long it would be more appropriate to call it rope! :o)

I may rephrase my question. What's the longest anyone has squeezed out of a single/pair of AA/A batteries on a bog standard player? Also, what's the best price to storage ratio out there?


  Probabilitydrive 15:40 11 Nov 2006

"grin" JoE.

Nop, havn't got an ansa for your querie, but the string theory stuck. So, how long is it..?"double the length from one side to the middle!" might be a boffins delight.... ;-)

  JoE. 15:54 11 Nov 2006


  Stuartli 13:12 12 Nov 2006

If you use rechargeables then the battery's useful performance between recharges would be higher than with standard batteries.

So the string theory might have to be revisited...:-)

  JoE. 13:26 12 Nov 2006

Or if possible I'd like one with a lithium-ion battery.

Also, I got a cheap (although it was reduced from £70) mp3 player for christmas last year , but it messes up if i play it above a certain level of volume. Are there any mp3 players that won't do this or will I just have to be careful in the future?

  sean-278262 15:31 12 Nov 2006

I think I know what you refer to in the volume level matter. It sounds like you encode music at the standard 128kbps. Try using 160kbps instead and see if that solves the problem. The problem sounds like audio clipping. So could also be cause by poor quality headphones, badly copied music or simply your hearing is too good for the quality you choose to use.

click here_(audio)
Read here for more info.

  JoE. 15:43 12 Nov 2006

I used WMP 11 to copy my music from CDs, and I believe I did it at 192kbs, and I assume it went onto my mp3 player at the same speed(?) if this is what you mean by encoding.

I tried the headphones with my computer, and although the quality of sound isn't great, it doesn't repeatedly cut the volume down to a whisper and then return to normal as it does with the mp3 player. Similarly the music plays perfectly on my computer, and as I said before, it plays perfectly on the mp3 player when turned down to below 31/32 notches (out of 40). :o/

  David1979 17:25 24 Nov 2006

My record is about 29 hours from a single charge for both the 2GB Samsung YP-Z5 (which in other tests did only 20 and 25 hours) and 2GB second-gen iPod nano (that was a one-off, so it could be capable of more, but other reviewers have reported lower results).

Apple may be the way forward guys.

David Price

  Mike D 07:49 26 Nov 2006

I've got a Sony NW 507, which can only be recharged via USB socket, but the quoted battery life between charges is 50 hours and I regularly get 40+


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