PC_HelpMe 11:59 23 Jul 2008

Sorry for having to post on this - I know this site has its own Laptop section - but I am totally bogged down by how many laptops are out there.

I have a budget of £450.00.

I am worried that if I get a laptop with Windows Vista on it, it won't be compatible with my home PC - Windows XP Home. (I also want the laptop to have Microsoft Word on it as this is one of the things I use the most).

I would like to burn/watch cds and dvds on it too and, at a push, for it to have the potential of a wireless connection to my home broadband.

Does anyone have any suggestions at ones I could look at????

Thank you.

  rdave13 19:45 23 Jul 2008

Difficult question. Bought a refurbished laptop from Curries over a year ago. They come with 12 months warranty. Most of these should do as you want.
click here

  rdave13 19:54 23 Jul 2008

PS if you fancy a particular laptop don't forget to google it to get more indepth info.

  oldbeefer2 10:36 24 Jul 2008

Office works on Vista OK, but it's probably cheaper to buy it on the 'student' scheme rather than from the laptop supplier. you could always change to Open Office which is free and compatible with Office programmes. As far as the lappy itself, my daughter recently bought an Inspiron from Dell for £420 and is delighted with it.

  oldbeefer2 10:37 24 Jul 2008

P.S. - they come with DVD burner and wireless facility.

  PC_HelpMe 10:13 25 Jul 2008

I have just seen an advert on TV for a DELL Inspiron - you can choose what colour the lid is. Being a girlie, I like this idea, but obviously want to make sure whichever one I buy does what I want it to.

Personally I would go with this laptop:
click here

I have this laptop and its top end!

click here

And I have had no trouble with vista.

  Covergirl 12:48 25 Jul 2008

We got a Samsung R60 from Currys a couple of months ago (Core 2 - 1.83 / 2GB etc) and been very happy with it. I notice Currys don't do Samsungs any more though but CompShopper Sept 08 issue have just done a review on the Samsung R410 ( click here Latest Reviews and it's about halfway down), but it's just slightly over at £476 from oyyy - and you want Office Home which is going to be £80 at least.

More advice from a previous post here click here but I would just get yourself into a shop and pick one that looks good and has the right specs - there's little to choose between them all these days but a couple of things to bear in mind are :

Processor itro Dual core 2Ghz
2 GB RAM (Must have)
Vista Home Premium (fairly important)
Wireless enabled (Must have)
Graphics card if you might want to play games (Optional)
DVD burner (Must have)

  FatboySlim71 23:13 29 Jul 2008

A mate of mine bought this a couple of weeks ago, I have got to say that I was MASSIVELY IMPRESSED with it, it came with Vista Premium and it ran very smoothly and quickly, he paid £278 but it has went up since then to £299. For the performance of it, its well worth the price.

click here

  jack 08:25 30 Jul 2008

just a few manufacturers that assemble parts from even a fewer makers- The most varied thing is the Brand name label
So look for a spec that nearest matches your wallet and go for it.

Take a look at click here
click here

for starters

  PC_HelpMe 13:03 21 Aug 2008

Thanks ever so much for all your help.

I took on board all your advices and ended up buying a laptop from ALDI - it was one of the cheapest I found with the specs it came with. It was an Akoya MD96850 and I am VERY happy with it.

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