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What Are The Advantages Of Soundbars?

  morddwyd 11:33 23 Feb 2016

I am about to get a new TV and, like most, the audio needs help.

I have a spare pair of Aiwa speakers from a high end hi-fi which I am going to use, but just wonder if a sound bar would offer any significant advantage?

  wee eddie 15:50 23 Feb 2016

Well, there are Soundbars and Soundbars.

Some are carefully designed by Audiophiles, with quality speakers and in a cabinet designed to create a three dimensional Sound Stage.

Others are a long box with forward facing Speakers all in a line. Sometimes the end Speakers are angled away from the others.

  canarieslover 21:52 23 Feb 2016

I believe most of them will 'learn' the volume control and on/off from your tv remote so that you don't have to go to the amplifier as you would have to with your speaker set-up. As wee eddie says ther are sound bars and sound bars and you get what you pay for. Having said that most digital tv channels are so compressed that you may be wasting money on a really expensive one. If you don't mind going to the amp to adjust the volume then stick with your current speakers and waste your savings on some decent single malts. They enhance the listening experience better than any sound bar.

  wee eddie 07:41 24 Feb 2016

Regarding your Speakers. Either you will have to route the Cable through an Amplifier or use the Headphone Jack.

Typically Speakers are Low Impedance, usually 8 Ohms, whereas Headphones are High Impedance

  morddwyd 09:15 24 Feb 2016

Won't be using an amp, like most modern TVs, my new one has phono (RCA) outlets. I can also use a SCART breakout box, or a toslink converter (OK, so they're technically amps, but not in the sense we mean here).

The speakers have rotatable tweeters so I will be able to get a certain amount of direction/reflection from them.

  wee eddie 10:01 24 Feb 2016

On that basis, I wouldn't waste money on a, relatively inexpensive sound bar

  morddwyd 19:16 24 Feb 2016

Thanks, wee eddie. That's just about what I wanted to know

  FameRuiz 04:46 25 Feb 2016

I have read that a Soundbars can virtually upgrade to your TV's audio.

  mole44 05:41 25 Feb 2016

Like all speakers you will have to pay a fair few ££££ to get anything near decent,usual story quality costs.

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