What anti virus on mobile?

  PC840 16:27 19 Jan 2012

Any reccommendation for my Sony Ericsson w20i, that is free?

  dms_05 09:51 23 Jan 2012

Not sure you need one but if you really do want to be sure (about virus protection) I have used the 'AVG for mobiles' which is a free app available via the Android Market. AVG offer very good a/v programs for PC's and have a decent reputation.

  david lu 17:57 14 Feb 2012

According to recent reports on this subject in the technical press then none of them work well enough to warrant the use.

  TechBuddy 10:17 17 Feb 2012

Better to have some protection then none at all. Have you search Android market for anti virus and checked reviews/number of downloads?

You should also be checking your security settings i.e.

  1. Not allowing unauthorised apps
  2. Not remembering passwords
  3. Avoiding usage of open wifi connections
  4. Checking what permissions your downloaded apps are asking for
  johnnydepp 11:15 02 May 2012

i think avg is good... i have used avg on my Blackberry 9900......

  rickf 09:31 03 May 2012

Using avg too so far seems efficient to me.

  Woolwell 17:09 03 May 2012

There's a write up on this in the latest edition of PCA. AVG doesn't score well. Apparently Avast is one of the better free ones.

  QuizMan 23:17 03 May 2012

I use Avast. Seems to work well. I don't know it is there.

  9545 21:28 07 May 2012

I use McAfee after it came top in PCA tests. The price has gone up to £24.99 now, on test it was £18.00!!!!! Seems to be working OK on my Motorola Defy+ though.

  manoj9585 11:07 25 Jun 2012

I use quick heal in my mobile as well as on computer.

  manoj9585 10:21 11 Jul 2012

I am using netquin antivirus its free and best antivirus for mobile user.

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