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Western Digital Personal Cloud Storage

  chub_tor 17:27 29 Jun 2017

Has anyone any practical experience with this product? Click Here I am thinking of getting one as an alternative to BT Cloud as I have run out of space and don't fancy paying out each month for more storage.

The product has mixed reviews but I would like to hear from anyone with local knowledge.

  Gordon Freeman 18:47 29 Jun 2017

Yep I have the WD MyCloud. Very good imho. Had it for a number of years, I have the 3tb version (I think). I use it for back-ups, for streaming music to my Sonos system, & also video to TV [using Plex]. Connects to your router via Ethernet cable [I have a BT Hub] and there are applications which you'll need initially to set it up; get these on the WD web site as downloads. There's also a 'my cloud' app for android so you can access & dl files remotely from your smartphone.

  Forum Editor 18:53 29 Jun 2017

A 'Cloud' is simply a file storage server that you access via the internet. Lots of companies offer Cloud services, and the subject can be a bit of a minefield - to get the best you have to pay.

I use the Microsoft cloud exclusively - OneDrive, as it's called, but there are alternatives. I suggest that you take a look at this.

  chub_tor 21:33 29 Jun 2017

FE thanks for your reply. I use One Drive in addition to the 100Gb "free" BT Cloud to backup most of my files plus I also have them stored on external hard drives. But the idea of having my own cloud for a one time price appeals to me if the reliability is there.

Gordon Freeman the WD unit I am looking at is supposedly simpler than earlier versions and comes will all required software. I am in the USA soon and hope to see a working demo.

  wee eddie 22:58 29 Jun 2017

I have a 4TB one, Raid 0. It's never missed a beat

  chub_tor 08:47 30 Jun 2017

wee eddie that is good to know, thank you for your reply.

  clemanderson 16:44 12 Jul 2017

I am using Microsoft Cloud storage. It is the best cloud storage currently safe and secure. But yes it is costly. You can also try western digital cloud storage. It is also good but not as secure and Microsoft cloud.

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