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Western Digital MyCloud security question

  Anon-332352 16:16 04 Aug 2017

I posed a general question regarding this item earlier click here and now I am on the verge of buying one but there is one thing I need to know.

Can I "reserve" a section of the drive where friends and family can post pictures and videos so that all those selected participants can see them but not have access to all my other documents, downloads, pictures etc. whick are also present on the server?

The reason for asking is that a large group of us have been on a holiday together and so we have lots of photos and videos taken on phones and cameras that we would like to share. Several Gb are involved so free cloud sites are too small and as I am getting the MyCloud for personal use anyway I thought that we might be able to use a part of that for sharing these pictures and videos.

  Anon-2432433 18:19 04 Aug 2017

In answer to your question, yes you can. Rather than explain it here, take a look at how to create 'shares' - in short, these are areas which you can create on the drive to do exactly as you describe. You can have the option of adding a security log in or just make them public so no password is required.

  Anon-2432433 18:29 04 Aug 2017

Another thought, if you don't want to do that (create a public share) why not get a free 'dropbox' account, upload those holiday pictures, and let them store them on their own machines/pen drives/whatever? They in turn could do the same thing (upload their pics) so all others could access the holiday pics and save them somewhere locally if they wished to.

  Anon-332352 22:51 04 Aug 2017

Lorraine Baines-McFly thank you for your reply. I am not getting the MyCloud Mirror, just the basic MyCloud, so I am not sure if that makes a difference.

Gordon Freeman I think you have the answer in your first post as that is exactly what I want to do. As regarding the Dropbox suggestion the size that I will need is much larger than the free version allows.

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