Welsh instead of West TV

  Genius1 13:24 09 May 2006

I live in the South West (on the coast) and currently get a Wales TV signal, meaning I get BBC2W (the BBC's Welsh digital BBC2 channel) instead of just plain BBC2 and Welsh local news/weather/programme trailers etc. This is obviously quite annoying (me not being Welsh!), so my question is - can I get a booster or something to get West TV? Other people in my village can get West, so I would have though that I could've too. I have a brand new aerial capabale of recieving Freeview and everything works fine apart from getting Welsh instead of West TV. Thanks in advance...

  amonra 14:15 09 May 2006

If you have a brand new aerial, then I would have thought your aerial installer would have aligned it for the best signal strength which in your case would have been the Wenvoe ? transmitter. You could always ask him to come back and realign the aerial to your local transmitter (like your neighbours) but possibly you are shielded by hills, buildings etc. from getting a good signal. You may require a larger aerial with an amplifier, you will definitely need a different group aerial. Wenvoe is group B, whilst Mendips is group C/D. Good luck.

  Genius1 16:31 09 May 2006

Thanks amonra, I have already contacted the aerial installer (no reply yet) and am waiting to hear back from him. I shall post the outcome here!

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:54 09 May 2006

We had the same problem here in South Somerset. Local transmissions are blocked by a hill, meaning we are doomed to get Devon and Cornwall's local tv on terrestrial. The only solution in our case was satellite.

  Genius1 21:16 09 May 2006

Thanks Mr Mistoffelees, although I would rather suffer Welsh TV (no offence to Welsh people!) than pay per month for satellite. Freeview offers enough channels for me, it's free and after all you can only watch one channel at once anyway! Although if I won the Lottery!...

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:13 10 May 2006

You could try this click here

  rodriguez 00:36 11 May 2006

You could also try retuning your TV and video equipment as the BBC2 Welsh channel and regular BBC2 channels could be on different frequencies. This might explain why some people in your village get the English version. If their TVs are tuned to a different frequency than yours they will get a different version of BBC2. Try retuning your TV set and see what channels come up and hopefully one of these will be the English BBC2.

  Genius1 10:24 11 May 2006

Thanks Mr Mistoffelees, I may look into this. Rodriguez, I have tried several times to change frequencies/reinstall all services/new channel scans etc. but to no avail!

  rodriguez 02:09 13 May 2006

It might be worth getting a Freeview box because then you should be able to get the English BBC2. You will also be ready for the digital switchover. Freeview boxes only cost about £30 now but you might need an aerial replacement which will cost a bit more. If you get Freeview and the picture frequently breaks up or you only get half the channels you will need a new aerial. By 2012 all analogue signals will be turned off and you will only be able to get TV through digital. I find this ridiculous because I can see many people, especially the elderly, left with no TV at all because they cannot afford or they cannot receive the new digital signals. All the government want to do is sell off the old frequencies, but this can cause problems. Anyway that's enough of my views on digital switchover, try a Freeview box and see if you can get the English BBC2 then.

  dms05 10:24 13 May 2006

If all you want is FTA (free to air) TV then consider satellite. You won't need a card for BBC or ITV (but will for C4 and 5). You would need any old Sky box and a small dish pointing at 28 degrees (ie the Sky satellite). The real advantage is you can chose exactly which BBC and ITV regional channels you want. They are all available anywhere in the UK. In addition you'd get some extra FTA like CNN, Sky News, BBC News 24, BBC3 and 4, ITV2,3,4 and lots of radio from across the UK etc. It's a simple and cheap way to expand your choice.

For C4 and 5 you'd simply continue watch analogue terrestrial (and see how poor the picture is!).

  rodriguez 18:42 13 May 2006

Yes FreeSat is a good option if you have poor or unreliable Freeview reception. As long as nothing is blocking the dish, you're pretty much guaranteed to get a signal. If you can get an old Sky Digibox and can fit a satellite dish or already have a MiniDish on your house (it has to be a 45 cm MiniDish because the old 60 cm Sky dishes point at 19 degrees and pick up German channels), it will be cheaper as you can just plug it in and use it. If you can't get hold of a Sky box or dish, just order FreeSat from Sky (click here) and they will send an engineer with a brand new box, dish and FreeSat card so you will still receive C4 and C5 through satellite. This will cost £150 but means you will be ready for when the government switch anologue off in the Southwest area in 2009.

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